spock: logic is sexy

Um, I got nominated for stuff?

I had no idea this happened until mariole congratulated me and several other nominees in her journal. It's kind of unexpected since I don't think of myself as much of a Spock/Uhura writer. I wrote a lot about them when the movie first came out, but it feels like a long time since I've written a story featuring either of them, much less both of them romantically together. (Although some of you might have accidentally gotten a preview of my action!Uhura wip when I forgot to lock it a minute ago...)

Anyway, Not Her Body, But Her Life got nominated for best drama, and Surak and Socrates Want You to Masturbate was nominated for both best threesome (even though it does not technically contain a threesome) and best one-shot. I am particularly happy about that one since Surak and Socrates is one of my favorite stories, and also one of the hardest I can remember writing.
*rolls about laughing* I totally look like that -- inside my HEAD. But, or rather, and, thank you. :)

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