This Story, while not my favorite-favorite Kirk/Number One, is also very likely the first Kirk/Number One to hit AOS fandom and is in that respect notable. (Mostly it makes me look on in horror at Kirk's characterization because, well. That is not my favorite face of Kirk, and I am really, really surprised Number One put up with his behavior for as long as she did.)
Hm. Yeah. I see what you are saying about the characterization. Thank you for the link though!
IKR. I want to like it so much because she has a decent handle on #1, and not enough people like her, but --

That is not the Kirk I love.

ETA: psst, you accidentally copy&pasted thrice's snippet twice - the first four times is here -

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Hm. Maybe if I post it to the kink meme you will be drawn inorexably toward it and have no choice but to write it...
At this point, I need two things:

1) A Kink Meme style prompt of a sentence or three.
2) To rewatch The Cage, as I last saw it when it was shown on TV in the late '80's or whenever.

Oh, and 3) SOME TIME TO WRITE. But that's a given.
One and Pike in a bar, speculating about whom they could bring home with them. Pike is shocked when One points out Kirk; One is shocked when Pike successfully propositions him.

Link to Part One of The Cage on youtube.

Now all I have to do is 1) find time 2) make the Pike picking up Kirk section longer than:

"Come here, kid."
"Yes sir, Captain Pike." (with audible smirk)

*tucks away in plotbunny hutch to feed and cosset*
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You certainly don't have anything to apologize for! Comments are the easiest way to contact me, so this was perfect. Thank you so much for organizing the awards and letting me know I had been nominated; RL is so crazy right now that I had no idea this was even happening!