I cannot resist the siren call of Orion women

So, sainfoin_fields posted an amazing picspam of all the unnamed women in the background of the Enterprise and various other starships. You should definitely go examine its awesome if you haven't already. We are discussing having a drabble fest or ficathon in where_no_woman to tell these ladies' stories, but I was not able to resist getting a jump on things.

Anyway, if you've seen the deleted scenes on the DVD, you know there's another Orion girl on the Enterprise. I borrowed a picture of her from sainfoin_fields' post.

I looked at how incredibly enraged she was to be mistaken for Gaila, and I wondered if it happened often. Then I named her Leira and wrote a ficlet for her.

Leira is not Gaila.

Leira has not slept with Jim Kirk.

Leira does not own lacy underwear, and if she did, she would never forget her manners and wear it on the quad.

Leira is a scientist, not an engineer.

Leira was born free on a colony world a long way from Orion Prime. She knows what liberty is like, and that's why she doesn't abuse it.

Leira doesn't hate Gaila, except she kind of does, because Gaila is beautiful, loud, and flashy where Leira is dependable, calm, and stable. And that means Leira is often mistaken for Gaila, but Gaila is never mistaken for Leira. Because Gaila is more noticeable, she gets to be herself; Leira gets to wrestle off all the pieces of Gaila's identity that the other cadets throw on her because they assume all Orion girls are the same.

Everyone thinks Leira and Gaila are best friends. They're not; they couldn't be more different.
We totally need an "unnamed spacewoman" tag at WNW. (I've seen them called "original canon characters" before, because they obviously exist, we just don't know their names.)

Also, IL your Leira a lot, and also also, she looks nothing like Gaila.
Ooh! Good idea about the tag. I shall use my modly powers to investigate how to make it...

I agree that she looks nothing like Gaila. That's part of why I'm so glad they cut the scene - it makes Jim look like *such* an ass that apparently all he saw of Gaila was the color of her skin.
Very, very lovely. I love how much you are able to convey with so few words, in such an economical space.
This is exactly what I wanted when I saw the deleted scene. I was so glad they cut that part out, because it really made Kirk into someone I did not really like at all. This unnamed Orion, beautifully named by you, really deserves this tribute.
Thank you so much! I am relieved they deleted the scene too. It made Kirk way too much of an ass.
Ack! Now I'm torn! While I too am glad they cut that scene (at least partially because I don't subscribe to the one-sided Kirk-taking-advantage-of-Gaila thing), you just made Leira real and I don't want to let her go.

I love green girls.
I love green girls too! I don't think we have to let Leira go; we just have to let go of Kirk being such an asshole that he apparently only remembered the color of his lover's skin and gave a big giant apology to the wrong woman.
I am so impressed at your ability to flesh out characters in so few words. I really love this characterization.

(Weirdly enough, Leira was my nickname all through elementary school and middle school!)
Thank you! I'm glad she didn't come off as too uptight or hateful - I was a little worried about that when I was writing!
This is great! It sort of reminds me of my older sister and me...
Yay! I'm glad you fleshed her out, and her resentment of Gaila is a great touch.
Thank you! I'm glad that her resentment worked; I didn't want to write her as a judgmental bitch so much as someone who couldn't help but feel resentment about the assumptions that Gaila inadvertantly forces on her.
Awww, Leira. I adore her.

As I wrote about before, I have my own Gaila, or rather, in general, friends and acquaintances (including one then-current boyfriend, two exes, and a couple of close friends) have called me by the name of a woman in my group of friends because we have similar skintones. Fortunately, mine is awesome, but it still amuses me, because... everyone hates that scene because How Could Jim Do That? In my experience, people do that all the time. It's life for minorities.

I'm glad the scene wasn't in the movie -- whoa, Jim-being-a-douche, as the icons go, and not even entertainingly -- but it delighted me. As does your wonderful Leira.
I can fess up to having called two black girls who sat next to each other by the other's name. (I wished they could have come to my third hour class and witnessed me constantly doing the same to two blond white girls!) In spite of that, it's still hard for me to wrap my head around doing that with someone you have slept with. I mean, she looks nothing like Gaila. It's like Jim noticed absolutely nothing about her but the color of her skin. It's scary.

I'm glad you liked Leira.
So glad they cut this scene because I Believe that Gaila and Jim are way tighter and that he's not this much of a dick. But! Leira is so great! The actress has a marvelous face (and hair!) and now she has a story :)
Me too! Judging from the commentary, they thought the scene was funny, but I'm really glad someone restrained them from going there.

Glad you liked the story.
...I was contemplating giving the other Orion woman an 'L' name, too. o.0

Aaanyway! This, I love. I really do - because you are right, she DOES look enraged, and also I kinda saw her as being calm and steady, too, so it clicks in my head.

And I'm so, SO glad they cut that scene out - the level of involvement I saw with Gaila and Kirk doesn't lend its to him mistaking 'Leira' for Gaila, just on the basis of skin and hair. That scene made him switch from charming to pure asshole.
Thank you! She does look very grounded; I'm glad other people see that too.

And yeah, I am completely relieved that they cut that scene out of the film. It would have been beautiful if Jim had been apologizing to actual Gaila, but the way it is, Jim seems like a racist asshole who categorizes his lovers exclusively by skin color.
I RP her as a Koltaari who, thanks to the events of STXI and the capture of the Narada by Klingons, worked labour aboard Klingon ships for the majority of her life and has a major chip on her shoulder. I named her Imvi kol-Doval.

I chose to make her Koltaari instead of Orion because two Orions in Starfleet doesn't mesh that well with me and I like thinking of Gaila as unique in that regard. And that's my Unnamed Orion story!

♥ Adorable ficlet!
Other people's personal canon is so interesting! I don't know what a Koltaari is, but my classic!Trek canon is pretty rusty. I do like the idea of her doing labor on a Klingon ship though; she looks like a pretty touch broad.
I like your Leira a lot, and now want very much to see what happened in that deleted scene...
Oh god, the deleted scene is cringe worthy. I won't spoil you for it, but it makes Jim look like a complete dick.
My favorite unnamed female character is the Romulan communications officer played by Lucia Rijker. She was badassed in the Countdown comic, but barely showed up in the film. I jump around every time she shows up on screen for .3 seconds anyway; it's kind of ridiculous. I want to do a name-that-character poll but I'm not sure where to put it.

I like your Leira. Maybe she will help break your writer's block?
I did like the deleted (well, extended, really) scenes with the actual Gaila in them, though. Kirk looks like a douche in them, too, but more Gaila screentime made me happy anyway.