spock: logic is sexy


This is just to say that I am still here, alive. Apparently I have made no public entries for nearly 2 weeks. However, I do have a Gaila story in progress which feels complete-able even though it has diverged somewhat from its original outline. I have also mentally outlined my ladies1st story, which involves a couple I have not written before and can only channel while cooking. This complicates the writing process somewhat, but I am hoping to prevail.

In spite of these exciting forms of progress, I may be less productive than usual. The holidays are approaching, but this is also the time of year when my coaching duties begin, so I work lots of 60 and 70 hour weeks that involve limited computer access and lots of exhaustion.

I am going to get the ST DVD after school tomorrow, and I shall snuggle into bed and watch it while eating leftover beer braised beef stew. It promises to be a most satisfactory day. If I overlook the need to stay at school till 5:30.
Yay for still being alive! That cooking thing is an interesting development. I am curious about the couple now.

Hope your ST rewatch goes most satisfactorily. It certainly sounds as if some relaxation is in order for you. ;-)