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One more meme tonight? Why the hell not?

Post a paragraph from every WIP you can find. No explanations allowed, just the excerpt.

She has been captain of the Yorktown for two hours and thirty six minutes, one hour and fourteen of which were passed at a miserable promotion ceremony conducted solely for the benefit of the brass. Not that she's been counting. He sits beside her at the helm, completing the final formality of transferring all his access codes and passwords to her. Most people did this beforehand, but she had wanted these last few moments on the empty bridge with him. He had wanted it too; he must have, or he simply would have told her that they'd do it before the ceremony. It isn't what she'd wanted all these years, not even close, but it feels good. She feels good. Being the captain of a starship blots out all other regrets.

Joanna is 15 when she sneaks aboard the Enterprise for the first time. Her mother is celebrating her second marriage in Paris with a guy named Roger who seems alright when Jo feels like being honest with herself, which is rarely. Mostly, she hates him because having a stepdad means that she and her mother have to give up the cozy, cluttered, and familiar life that had belonged to them and them alone. They no longer eat packets of instant ramen on the couch together while talking about celebrities they find attractive. Instead, Roger cooks well-balanced meals where all five food groups are represented, and they eat at the dinner table, where he asks trite and awkward questions like "what did you learn at school today?" Once, her mother had waved an airy hand over a sinkful of dirty dishes and proclaimed that they'd worry about it on Cleaning Day, which never seemed to happen in spite of their best intentions; now Roger leaves polite notes asking her to wash up if she leaves a glass in the sink overnight. And sometimes, before dinner, Roger prays.

Christine teeters unevenly down the corridor, trailing a hand on the wall for a bit of support. Deck 14, the home of the main transporter bay, is usually busy, but tonight it's silent and deserted. The repair crews have all gone home for the evening, but it's far too early for anyone but her to have returned from shore leave. Stupid Romulan Ale.

Back on the turbolift, no one was thinking of Chekov as a child because they were all, for the moment, Dr. McCoy's children, following him obediently to their beds. The truth was, the whole thing was slightly awkward. The crew trusted each other with their lives but not their secrets; though they wanted to part with an "are you okay" and "are all your friends all right," no one was quite sure how to say that yet, and they settled for accepting Kirk's manly claps on the arm instead.

Jim strides toward the school, resisting the urge to pull his coat tighter around him against the early morning chill. Frank had put a retinal scanner on every motor vehicle on the farm, and it's a long walk from home to school. But he's not confessing that he got detention, much less that he's going to attend it, and that means he's walking all twenty miles. He hears the car speeding across the parking lot, but he keeps walking, daring it to break him. When it screeches to a halt inches from his legs, just like he knew it would, he doesn't even spare it a glance. That means he doesn't see the Riverside City Child Protective Services logo on the side, doesn't see the green skinned girl in the secondhand coat step outside, doesn't see the driver slam down the accelerator just as the girl bends over to thank him for the journey. People look at James Tiberius Kirk all the time -- he makes sure of it -- but he never looks at anyone he can't fight or fuck, and that's okay by him. No matter what he misses.

I want that Breakfast Club fic so bad. This. This paragraph alone has me salivating. And it's only 7 in the morning. Seriously, it looks like so much fun!!!
Sigh. That is the one you should maybe not get too excited about since it was my long-stalled reel_startrek fic. I love writing the Kirk parts because he fit the role so perfectly, but nobody else did, so I feel like they're all chess pieces I'm moving around on a board rather than real characters.
hmm. I initially had that problem with my reeltrek fic. I tried too hard to fit the characters to the movie, so it felt like I was going through the motions of something that had already been done better. In the end, it turned out to be a much looser interpretation of the film, with only similar themes and setting. I'm still trying to figure out how to work the line, "Is it bigger than a baby's arm?" into the sequel b/c it's too good to leave out.

I should really comment on all of these, but, just -- THE BREAKFAST CLUB.
I poked at it again for the first time in weeks thanks to your comment and downjune's. I had been considering it abandoned because writing it feels a bit tedious, like I've turned the characters into chess pieces to fit the demands of the film. Looking at it again, I do remember loving playing with Kirk as the delinquent, and I made Pike into a reluctant principal frustrated by the meaningless of his students' rebellion. It is still quite a large project though, and I'm not certain I'll get it done.