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I need *music*

Please help!

I have been steadily losing weight by monitoring my diet and sporadically exercising for the last two years, and now I can remove my size 12 jeans without unbuttoning them. This accomplishment is very exciting, and so is having a healthy BMI for the first time in a very long time.

But. Holiday season is nigh, and if I want to keep the improvements I have made, I'd best get to the gym. (Also, I don't want my arteries to die a painful death thanks to my unbreakable addiction to cheese.)

Therefore, I need recommendations for workout music, and I have already pumped my RL flist for this several times. My taste is flexible. I like music with a beat, preferably which does not demean women. The current workout playlist is heavy on Beyonce, MIA, and Britney (don't judge!) What are your suggestions?
My workout playlist is heavy on Janet Jackson (her All for You album has a lot of really good stuff on it if you skip past a few ballads), with other songs from Prince, Pink, Justin Timberlake, Will Smith, Shakira, Nikka Costa and Joss Stone. And when I want to fling myself around the room and just dance, Joan Osborne's "Right Hand Man" works pretty well. ;-)
Had another thought. Not sure how you feel about world music, but the Putumayo collection has a number of good upbeat albums -- I own Latin Groove, Brazilian Groove and Middle Eastern Groove, and they're great. (Also, since I don't speak the language, the lyrics can't annoy me! LOL.)
*spams you* Actually, I think the last one is called Arabic Groove, not Middle Eastern. Let me check...yes. Okay, I'm going away now. :-)
Figured I'd ask cause I was raised on it, though my tastes run more eclectic and I should still have seventy or eighty tracks (just from my writing playlist!) for you anyway.

ETA: there should be 88 tracks (≈425mb) up at within an hour or two. (The version of "a little less conversation" is the dance remix rather than the original Elvis (which is mediocre) and it is awesome.)

(Also, I find radio is a great resource for finding music.)

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Wow! That is really, really generous of you. I hope it wasn't a lot of work!

I am moving slowly through the list. My favorite thus far is Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor...

(It's no problem at all! I use fireftp which is ridiculously easy to manage, and my host gives everyone exponentially growing webspace and bandwidth.)
Out of curiosity, what is your definition of 'sporadic exercising' and what does this entail, precisely?

As for beat-music, I would go for any album that calls itself 'Classic Club/Dance of the 90s'.
Maybe sporadic is too harsh a word. What I really mean is that for two or three months, I will be super-devoted to the gym and go 3-4 times a week, staying for at least an hour every time. Then I will get busy and not go for another couple months, at which point I feel annoyed with myself and start exercising again.
Hmm. *pulls up iTunes* Superchick's "One Girl Revolution" is definitely worth getting. Lady GaGa's stuff is fun, if a bit mindless, as is the "Hairspray" soundtrack.
First, congrats on your success! :-)

I'm no help as I don't have an MP3 player and thus don't exercise with music. For general good-mood, dancy music I can recommend any Latin American dances, though, which I play while cleaning and which works well at getting me going. ;-)

Some other place you could possibly ask for ideas: fat_chance_fans
I really love Imani Coppola's "Legend of a Cowgirl" and the upbeat songs on the East Village Opera Company album.
Wish I could suggest something, but I've never figured out good workout music and usually end up listening to audio books at the gym. Feel like sweating away to Moby Dick?

Good for you on the steady progress - that is very exciting!
Yay music!

Bearing in mind that my awareness of the Britney, et al oeuvre is limited to what gets played on the sound system at my gym (which actually tends to favor the 80s, idk why, must be all the elderly folk that work out there), here are some ideas from the alt end of the jumping-around-music spectrum:

Bohemian Like You - The Dandy Warhols
Section 22: Running Away - The Polyphonic Spree
Awful - Hole (I know weird, but some of the songs on Celebrity Skin are actually great for dancing)
Black - Okkervil River
Barrel of a Gun - Guster
Take Me Out and No You Girls - Franz Ferdinand
My Only Offer - Mates of State

Plus many, many songs by The New Pornographers, for example: All for Swinging You Around, Mass Romantic, Miss Teen Wordpower, The Laws Have Changed, Use It, It's Only Divine Right
Also the Liz Phair album "Liz Phair" has some great songs - Rock Me, Extraordinary, and Love/Hate are all a good tempo for exercise
Also if you retro things, New Order holds up well to me - Blue Monday is still an awesome song

Congratulations on keeping up with your getting-healthy routine!