So, it's two a.m. and my wrists ache. I have been awake for nearly 24 hours after having to catch a very, very early morning flight today. But when I got home, boosette had posted lovely, evocative Halloween drabble prompts at where_no_woman, and they have eaten my brain. By 10:30 tonight, I had finished 3 responses, and at midnight, I decided it was high time I go to sleep. But I lay in bed for an hour, mentally writing creepy Number One back story, and then I had to get up and commit it to paper (or, rather, computer screen). It needs editing, which I strongly suspect I will do first thing tomorrow morning. I think I must have been in some kind of creativity drought, and now I cannot stop writing. Literally. All I want to do is comb the drabble prompts for something else to write, but I'm not letting myself do it since I know that will keep me up till dawn. Thank goodness I don't have to work tomorrow!

Time for some Tylenol PM...

...after I take a crack at editing that Number One story.
Fact: I put together the prompt list over the course of about four hours back on the 3rd/4th-ish and swapped out a couple of them at the last minute. It's the magic of the Best Holiday Ever. It really, truly is.

...after I take a crack at editing that Number One story.

I know that feeling all too well. Hope you managed to get some sleep eventually!