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Solo reaction post and a fic

I saw the Solo movie this weekend, and I was surprised by how much I liked it (although that isn't saying a lot, since my expectations were very low). It felt like fan fic to me, but in a good way, like someone really wanted a heist movie about these characters and got to make one. The actor who plays Han is bland and kind of awkward, but I am a sucker for lost people looking for family in all the wrong places, so it worked for me.

I find it kind of hilarious that Han was basically living the Little Orphan Annie life at the beginning, and I've had "Hard Knock Life" in my head for almost a whole day, both the musical version and the Jay Z version.

Since I was sad that I won't have time to finish the elaborate treat I planned for Fandom 5K, I consoled myself by writing a little character study of Qi'Ra instead. Mind the spoilers.

Title: Feelings Are a Luxury & This is War
Pairing: Han/Qi'Ra
Rating: R
Word count: 1300
To me, it felt like Han was Rey without the Force powers which does make their interaction more meaningful.

I just don't know about my reaction to it as a whole. There was a lot of right that I loved and a lot of...really? Seriously? What were you thinking?

Also, a lot of people in my auditorium had never seen the animated series so they were totally confused at Darth Maul showing up...

But I love that they insist on keeping everything so connected, looking at you, Marvel!