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Saw Infinity War

I OD'd on the Marvel franchise sometime around Avengers 2. While I loved the found family vibe of the first Avengers film, a lot of the subsequent movies have been about tearing the family apart, which I do not enjoy nearly as much. I am also getting tired of Tony Stark's face, and his man pain. So...I mostly saw Infinity War because everyone was talking about it, and not because I have a large emotional investment in it, which probably colored my reaction.

I watched the story unfold on screen, laughed at a few of the jokes, and mostly I just didn't care. Many of the deaths just felt...perfunctory? It was hard to feel much emotional reaction since I know they're not permanent. I mean, Black Panther, Spiderman, and Guardians of the Galaxy are all getting sequels, so it's not like Marvel plans to leave those characters dead. (Would I love it if Shuri turned out to be the next Black Panther? Yes. Is it going to happen? No.) I think they did as well as they could with such a massive cast, but the deaths would have had a lot more impact if we'd seen these people having real feelings for each other as a team, and there wasn't much time for that. Also, I really missed Black Widow. She was and always will be my favorite, no matter how I feel about the rest of the franchise, and she was in the background for most of the movie. Maybe we'll get more of her in Avengers 4?