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May the 4th Letter

Hello author! May the 4th be with you!

If we matched, I’m certain we have tons in common and I’ll love reading your story. I’ve written a lot of prompts because I find such letters helpful when I write; if you don’t, feel free to ignore the prompts or alter, twist, and combine them as you see fit. Just respect the DNW’s and I’ll be happy!

I think friendship is every bit as complex and rewarding to read about as romance, and my definition of shipping is very flexible -- I enjoy UST, friends with benefits, getting together, and established relationships equally well. Make your fic as explicit or G-rated as you like. I will enjoy reading sexy times if you like to write them, but I will not be disappointed if you don’t.

I don’t have an exactly equal number of prompts for all my requests, but rest assured, my ability to come up with specific prompts does not reflect my level of interest in the ship. I requested a lot more than the minimum here, so believe me that I want everything in my letter!

Do Not Want
-Dead Leia, Leia killing Ben, or Ben killing Leia.
-Love triangles or jealousy
-Stories about pregnancy, childbirth, or children who do not exist in canon.
-Rape, non-con, dubcon, or any ambiguity at all about sexual consent.
-Alternate setting AU’s such as coffee shops, rock bands, etc.
-Anything kinkier than a little fun with handcuffs.
-Unrequested background pairings, unless it’s something canonical like Leia/Han.

1 Lots of banter and snark
2. Having an adventure together, such as a mission or a case
3. Resolving a problem or miscommunication in a relationship
4. Five things fics for any scenario
5. Friends to lovers
6. Character A isn't one to admit that they're hurting or that they need help, but Character B figures it out anyway. (Variation: Character A doesn't usually admit they're hurting, but Character B is the one person they trust enough to ask for help.)
7. Women taking the lead in asking a guy out, admitting to feelings, or initiating sex
8. Characters being attracted to one another's competence
9. Character A has a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day and Character B makes it better
10. Characters trapped in a confined space together and having interesting conversations, finally owning up to their feelings, making out, and/or working together to escape (no claustrophobia in this scenario please)

Leia Organa & Rey
1. Rey demands that Leia teach her everything she knows about the Force.
2. Leia seeing Rey off before her mission to Ach-To. I found it really touching that she was personally wearing the beacon to guide Rey back to the Resistance. How did that come about?
3. Leia showing Rey some of the Falcon’s quirks.

Leia Organa & Poe Dameron or Leia Organa/Poe Dameron
1.Leia and Poe go undercover together. Poe blurts out a cover story that they’re husband and wife and suddenly they have to pretend to be married.
2. Poe teaches Leia to fly an X-wing because...reasons. He’s hurt and Leia has to fly them back to base. She thinks it would be fun and she likes challenges. She wants to know how to do anything and everything the resistance might need after TLJ. I’m up for basically anything here!

Leia Organa & Ben Solo | Kylo Ren
1. I’m really curious about Ben as a first-generation Alderaanian and basically the heir of the surviving royal family. Does the rest of the Alderaanian diaspora look at him as some kind of symbol? Are he and Leia acting in any capacity as royalty? How does he feel about that?
2. Ben and Leia on a diplomatic trip together. How is that different from the kinds of things he does with his father? Does he feel torn between these two very different people who don’t completely get along?
3. Kylo Ren and Leia are stranded on an inhospitable planet and must work together to survive.
4. AU in which Ben never turns and he and Leia fight the First Order together.

Han Solo & Ben Solo
1. Flying together is the only time they get along.
2. Han didn’t have a normal childhood, so he doesn’t get the whole concept of age-appropriateness. Maybe he takes little Ben to sketchy cantinas, teaches him to fly when he’s way too young, takes him on a smuggling adventure… Whether Ben enjoys these things or is horrified by them is up to you.

Poe/Rey or Poe & Rey
I would love to read anything about their love of flying!
1. Poe teaching Rey to fly an X-wing. I can see how a starfighter (especially a vintage one the Resistance scrounged up) would be more challenging than the Falcon. It would be interesting to read about Rey making a mistake and having to recover.
Fighter pilots are total nerds for following precise policies and procedures because their spacecraft are so dangerous. Rey, who’s totally self-taught, never been in the military, etc. has some quirks in her flying that drive Poe crazy.
2. Rey teaching Poe how to handle the Falcon. Yeah, he can fly anything, but the Falcon has some really weird quirks that are hard to get used to.
3. If any of this led to sexytimes, I’d be very happy! Rey is 19 and she’s spent most of her life alone - she’s got to be curious, and Poe seems like a nice person to have a new experience with.

Some thoughts on Kaydel: My obsession with Kaydel began when I read that she was in charge of evacuating the base on D’Qar. She looks so young, but that is such a HUGE job. She would have to be incredibly organized, competent, and skilled at logistics -- and more importantly, she would have to have earned Leia’s trust. If you choose to write about Kaydel, I’d love to know anything at all about her background and how she learned all these things so young.

Leia & Kaydel
1. Kaydel’s parents were Alderaanian, and that’s why she and Leia have such a close connection.
2. Kaydel getting Leia to tell her stories from the Rebellion or her work as a Senator.
3. Kaydel was the best assistant Leia ever had, so naturally she recruited her to join the Resistance.
4. Kaydel was a member Leia’s staff when she was a Senator. I would love to read a West Wing or Veep-style story about working behind the scenes of Leia’s office. If you’d like, you could even go canon-divergent AU where Leia is the Chancellor (President? IDK the exact title) of the whole New Republic, possibly with other canon characters filling in as staff members.

Rey & Rose Tico & Kaydel Ko Connix
1. Being roomies on the Falcon together.
I love the idea that these ladies all have different strengths, weaknesses, and skills. I would love to see them working together to solve a problem, whether that be an emotional issue or a mission.
2. Rey never had a family, Rose has lost her family, and I can imagine that Kaydel has lost people too. I’d love to see them come together to help each other out, whether in small ways like sharing clothes or big ways like becoming a chosen family.