spock: logic is sexy

Finished Star Trek: Discovery

Still 100% in love. It is not a story about a happy family of admirable people sailing into space and having wholly noble adventures. It is a story about kind of dysfunctional people doing questionable things and slowly earning one another's trust while figuring out how to be noble(ish). If what you loved about Star Trek was unrelenting optimism and clear ethical messages, you will probably not like this show. If -- like me -- you loved the setting and idea of Star Trek but felt like everything was just a little too perfect, you will probably love this show. Also, if you would like to see a smart black lady in charge of lots of things and receiving respect from her peers while driving the action of her universe, you will fucking love this show.

Before I had heard Michael's whole back story, I cleverly supplied my own story for her upbringing with Sarek: namely, that when Sarek was a single dude, he adopted a human orphan with a tragic past for reasons he could not entirely explain. Teaching her all about logic seemed like the best way to deal with her trauma, but not everything worked out as planned, and he sought out some human advise from his friend/a nice diplomat/a child psychologist named Amanda Grayson. Some years later, they got married. I liked my version of this story much better, I have to say. It is super weird that Spock never mentioned his sister to anyone, and also, I don't see Amanda going along with a plan to raise a traumatized orphan as wholly Vulcan in order to prove the worth of humanity. But whatever, I like stories about dysfunctional families, so it's not a deal breaker for me.

On a happier note, I really hope we get to keep mirror!Phillipa. Watching Michelle Yeoh kick bad guys in the face is my new favorite thing. Also, I would really like it if season 2 featured the crew teaching her how not to be evil. Listen, Empress, stabbing is not the solution to any shipboard conflict. I'm still so in awe of how well the writers wove in the clues to Lorca's real identity. Looking back, it's so very clear, but I didn't see it at all. I'm going to miss Jason Isaacs next season!
I'm hoping that maybe Prime!Lorca will reappear in the season finale! I have no idea how they are going to provide closure...or at least something like it...with only two episodes left!
Finished? I thought there was one episode to go ... I'm holding out for all those alpha women finding a traumatized Lorca Prime curled into a fetal ball in some Klingon jail on Qo'noS.

And then find out that Lorca Prime and Lorca M really are ... two sides of a mirror, and pretty much identical.