spock: logic is sexy

Star Trek Discovery

I watched the first two episodes and holy shit guys!

You know how we all have that self-insert fantasy for our favorite fandom when we're 13 years old? Here was mine: my parents died in tragic circumstances, and I was taken in by Sarek, whereupon I became the first-ever human to attend the Vulcan Science Academy. Naturally, they were all dazzled by how smart and capable and ridiculously logical I was, and when I turned 18 and joined Starfleet, I became an officer of unrivaled competence. So basically, I used to pretend I was Michael Burnham.

I am really in no place to evaluate objectively whether this show is good or not, but I don't think anything has ever tapped into my fannish id quite so perfectly. I feel full-blown obsession coming on, and I've only seen two episodes.
The show is seriously SO GOOD! It's one detraction is that by releasing every episode once a week in the Age of Binging and then having a two month mid-season hiatus, it's given a lot of obsessive fans too much time to analyze and work up fan theories. But it is a brilliantly crafted work that works with the canon so well and just keeps paying off for long-term fans. :)
I have no idea who Michael Burnham is but yes, that's my fantasy too. And then I marry Worf :)