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You guys, I have a new favorite Star Wars movie.

Okay, so being slightly more rational: I think it is possible this is a love-it-or-hate-it experience. The Last Jedi feels very 2017, for lack of a better word. It's like a fresh new remix of an old song you loved, and maybe you will like the remix, but maybe you will not. The humor is a little drier, the story line is a little darker, and this isn't a movie where everything works out perfectly for the heroes just because they are the good guys. It is also not as linear as the other movies - there are lots of different stories unfolding in lots of different locations, something which I loved and my husband did not.

My favorite thing about this movie is the comeuppance of Luke Skywalker. Star Wars is my forever love, but Luke Skywalker is one of my least favorite characters of all time. Over the years, he's come to embody my least favorite trend in Hollywood (and in life, let's be honest): the dude gets to be the big hero while an obviously more competent woman is standing RIGHT THERE beside him. Leia survived torture and genocide and never once complained; Luke started whining from his first scene in the movie and never really stopped. So yeah, I think he's absolutely the kind of guy who would run away from the scene of his failure, and I like that what happened to Ben was his failure. Maybe Ben would've gone dark anyway, but waking up and finding your uncle ready to stab you in the middle of the night would definitely do it. Go Ben, I probably would've set some shit on fire too.

My second favorite thing about the movie is that it's basically a giant version of my favorite trope: scrappy band of rebels on the run from a vastly superior military force. Remember how season 1 of Battlestar Galactica was completely awesome? Yeah, this movie is a two-hour version of that. So many times I really believed everyone was about to die (thanks Rogue One!) The suspense felt so much more real and genuine than any other Star Wars movie, which is why I think I liked this one so much.

My third favorite thing is that mansplaining is NOT allowed. Leia does not put up with that shit, and neither does her friend the purple-haired admiral. I don't think that Poe's mistakes reflected badly on his character; he's just young and hotheaded enough to think he knows better than his superiors. (Vanity Fair has a really great editorial about why it's so important a likable good guy is doing the mansplaining.) Nothing will make me feel better about the fact that Leia will have to die in the next film, but I like the idea that her legacy will be teaching someone else how to lead. I also really liked that she and her purple-haired friend were kind and warm to one another and to their subordinates. They are so clearly comfortable with their power and don't need to prove themselves by acting like hardasses all the time.

I could write about a lot of other things too, but maybe I'll stop at 3 for tonight. I honestly can't think of anything I didn't like, and that's really really rare for me.
OMG.....so much yes on your post and big love for the film. We took our 7yo yesterday and he loved it. There was a moment where something BIG happened and he had his fists in the air and looked at me with this amazed expression on his face and said "YESSSSSSSSS!" and I was somehow both a 7-year old kid seeing Empire and a 45-year old mother seeing Last Jedi and my head and heart pretty much exploded. Yeah....I might be back to comment more coherently on the film because right now, my house is inexplicably very dusty. :)
I keep hearing that this movie is amazeballs! If I can get caught up on the fest-writing I'm currently behind on, Mr Psmith and I desperately want to see it :)