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Assorted AO3 top ten lists

Because it's been more than a year since I did this last!

1. The Pregnancy Scare, Tony/Pepper, 15902. Because comment fic you write in an hour is ALWAYS your most popular story.

2. Dating Older Men and Other Adventures in Growing Up, Bruce/Darcy, 13929. I'm actually really happy to see this here, because it took more than a year to finish. The pairing's a little weird, but it says a lot of things about growing up that I really wanted to say.

3. Congratulations on an Excellent Kill, Natasha & Clint, 11096. Got recced by a BNF, climbed way up my list.

4. Marci Stahl, Avocado at Law, Foggy/Marci, 7984. Still one of my favorite stories I've ever written.

5. The Right Thing in the Wrong Way, Tony/Pepper, 7817. Aw, this is also one of my favorite stories. It's another one that took months to finish, so I'm happy it's here.

6. Introduction to Western Literature, Natasha/Clint, 7621. I like writing stories about people bonding over books, so this fic makes me happy.

7. What Pride Doesn't Know, Oliver/Percy, 6844. This fic somehow climbed into my top ten after five whole years on AO3. Maybe it got recced somewhere?

8. A Margaret Thatcher Kind of Night, Jake/Amy, 6343. Writing Brooklyn Nine-Nine fic for Yuletide seems to get lots of hits.

9. The Ladies Book Club of the Ninety-Ninth Precinct, Amy & Rosa, 6230. See above about Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Yuletide.

10.Someone I Used to Know, Tony/Pepper, 6144. Yet more commentfic for the top 10 list! I really like this one though.

Top Ten by Kudos
1. Congratulations on an Excellent Kill - 1677
2. Dating Older Men & Other Adventures in Growing Up - 1525
3. The Ladies Book Club of the Ninety-Ninth Precinct - 1161
4. Introduction to Western Literature - 835
5. The Right Thing in the Wrong Way - 767
6. Marci Stahl, Avocado at Law - 739
7. What Pride Doesn't Know - 717
8. How to Win Friends and Influence People - 695
9. Someone I Used to Know - 634
10. A Big Deal in the Resistance - 596

And finally, a few fics that made the top 10 comment list that are not on the hits/kudos list.

+How to Unmask Your Neighborhood Vigilante, because people like to talk about Marci Stahl
+We'll All Float on Okay, because Star Wars fans are generous with their comments
+Advice for Those of You Just Starting Your Heroic Journey, see above about Star Wars fans
+How to Transform Your Life Through Reality TV. Natasha Romanov on a reality cooking show is still the weirdest thing I've ever written.
+The Night Nurse, because Yuletide is a good place to get comments.