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LJ vs Dreamwidth

(1) If you are moving to Dreamwidth, I am igrockspock over there too. Please do add me to your circles!

(2) There is not actually any content in my DW at the moment, and I will probably not start importing/cross posting till after the school year ends.

(3) I am not deeply concerned about the whole LJ/DW TOS business, but I want to go where the people are!

(4) It is unlikely that I will stop updating this journal or flist browsing over here.
Searching for you there and adding you. I am illariy over there, too. DW is my primary online home and has been for years so will be happy to see you over there!
Hehe, then later I realised that we were already connected over there. ;-) Yours was the most active LJ I followed so if you migrate, I might check my flist here once a month or so because the other LJs I'm following have either moved or post like once a year. It's sad, almost the end of an era...
Just added you, I'm same handle as here.

I'll be importing things there and mostly using it as a backup and keeping in contact with those who migrated there, but I'll mainly be remaining here on LJ for the time being.

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