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Drabble fests

I made a sign up post in where_no_woman for people who want to write prompts for our drabble fests. Most of the people who responded to my poll last week said they wanted fests once a month, but a lot of our regular writers wanted twice a week, so I compromised and made it one fest in the busy holiday months and two in the unbusy ones. I know I've said it here before, but writing prompts for one of these things is really fun - it's easy, you usually get new LJ friends, and it's kind of like hosting your own personal kink meme.

If I posted genfic drabble prompts here, would anyone be interested? Lately, I just can't find enough genfic, and I think I need a little push to write outside my limited (albeit wonderful) cast of ladies. I'm particularly curious if people would be up for writing.
I would absolutely also be interested in a genfic challenge, especially after ladies1st went no-gen (wtf?).
I would be interested and have written genfic in this and other fandoms. I would love some gen prompts. I agree wholeheartedly, there can never be too much gen fic. (If you love genfic, you could give my story a try.)
In theory, yes! I would be down with writing some genfic.

In practice, I have never succeeded at writing a prompt fill less than a dozen comment lengths, so I am not sure how well it would work out. It might be good practice at keeping things short, though. Brevity! Important!