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The Great British Bakeoff

Friends, is there any show that can make me as happy as the Great British Bakeoff? Because I just consumed all the seasons that are available in the United States, and I'm at a serious loss. It was just so perfect! And so different from American reality shows, where everyone is typecast, people have to quit their jobs and squish in a house together, and it's all about the prize money. All the contestants are such ordinary people, like teachers from Leeds or firefighters from whatever-shire. The hosts make ridiculous requests like "bake 17 identical profiteroles from enriched wheat dough and join them together with royal icing in the shape of your hometown." And everyone does it! And they are all so adorable and British and modest! How kind of you to say my obscure Latvian pastry is a masterpiece, but really, I hardly know anything about baking and I'm right chuffed the judges loved it. Are all British reality shows this cute, or is this one just special?
I feel the same way about The Great British Bakeoff. We did a marathon of the show a little while ago and it is so addictive and delightful. Unlike American reality shows and competitions where they have so much unnecessary drama and ~obnoxious music cues and edits, The Great British Bakeoff actively avoids any of that. It's very calm, yet still entertaining, and everyone is really sweet.

I can't promise it'll make you AS happy, but I do love Face/Off, the SyFy makeup artists competition. They do live in a House but the show is about competing to Be Your Best (they all help each other a LOT and sabotage is unheard of) and not house drama. And the art is fantastic, on human canvases.
I love this show, for all those reasons. The people are just so nice. I hate the ultra-competitive American approach where they all trash-talk each other and manufacture drama. Ugh. GBBO is the perfect mix of cooking and civilized discourse :)

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BBC reality TV is special :) British reality TV in general is less horrible than the American variety, I think, but still often awful - deliberately humiliating contestants and that. But GBBO has no prize money and it's all so charming, and Strictly Come Dancing is quite similar in that everyone involved actively wants it to be nice. So everyone's friends. It has 'celebrities' so it's a bit less delightful, but they're both programmes where I usually don't watch them (because I don't have a telly) but on a hungover Sunday at a friend's house they make everything lovely.