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I got commentfic!

I should probably not post while drunk, but, to be fair, I deserve to celebrate completing rough drafts for all three essays of my Fulbright application. Also, I am excited because izzyfics became the first person in my fannish career to write me commentfic. And it's genfic about McCoy, which there is so clearly not enough of in this fandom. And it contains Chapel cutting through all his ridiculous bullshit, and it ends on an uplifting yet plausible note. You should go read it!

Part 1 Part 2
Hooray for drunken posting, for you getting so much done on your Fulbright application, for commentfic, and for genfic (the last of which is something I'm fond of but can rarely write).

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Congrats on beating the Fulbright application beast thrice already. ;-) Thanks for the pointer, just today I thought to myself that I'd love to read some genfic again but hadn't seen any in some time. *rushes off to read*
Ooh, thanks for the link. What are you proposing to use your Fulbright for, out of curiosity?

You know, that Johnny Cash song's a cover of the Nine Inch Nails original. Good cover, though.