Buffy: anya


The ResistBot uses your name and zip code to identify your Congress people. Then it turns your texts into nicely-formatted faxes and sends them in. I just used it this morning to tell my Senators that you can't be pro-life while also saying that insurance companies don't have to provide maternity care.

I'd been struggling with my activism a bit. Everything I read said that phone calls are super important, but my workday is well underway by the time my Senators' offices open, and teachers don't really get phone breaks in the middle of the day. But just because you can't do the optimal thing doesn't mean you shouldn't do anything, so the ResistBot is a good compromise for me.
Ooh I will have to keep this in mind. I've been doing all the emails that come in from ACLU and such, but when I get anything that says I should call, I panic. I really really really hate calling people LOL. I'm just not a phone person at all, even if I know I'm probably just going to get their assistant or whatever, but it still freaks me out to try to call. And, like you said, not really a lot of breaks in a day when you are customer service, which is what most of a librarian job is!
Yeah, I have issues calling during the workday too. I've called a few times after hours and just left messages -- not sure if they count those the same way as regular calls? *hopes*