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Fandom 5K Letter

Thank you so much for writing for me! If we matched on these requests, I know we have a lot in common already, and I'm really very easy to please. I've written a pretty detailed letter because I find such things helpful when I'm writing. If you don't, then please pick and choose what interests you and disregard the rest (so long as you respect the DNW's). Prompts are 100% optional and can be combined, altered, or borrowed for other pairings as you wish!

I adore friendship fics because I think friendships are just as fascinating and complex as romantic relationships, so rest assured that I love my gen requests just as much as my shippy ones. For ship fic, I'm flexible. I love getting together stories, established relationships, and stories where people who just happen to be a couple go on a mission together. Feel free to include as much or as little explicit sex as you like. My tastes are pretty vanilla, so nothing kinkier than a little fun with handcuffs, please.

About those genre tags - please use them however is convenient for you! I like everything I picked, but my enjoyment of the story does not depend on whether it perfectly matches one of the genre tags.

General Likes
1. Lots of banter and snark
2. Having an adventure together, such as a mission or a case
3. Resolving a problem or miscommunication in a relationship
4. Five things fics for any scenario
5. Friends to lovers
6. Character A isn't one to admit that they're hurting or that they need help, but Character B figures it out anyway. (Variation: Character A doesn't usually admit they're hurting, but Character B is the one person they trust enough to ask for help.)
7. Women taking the lead in asking a guy out, admitting to feelings, or initiating sex
8. Characters being attracted to one another's competence
9. Character A has a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day and Character B makes it better
10. Characters trapped in a confined space together and having interesting conversations, finally owning up to their feelings, making out, and/or working together to escape (no claustrophobia in this scenario please)

Do Not Want
1. Non-con, dubcon, or any question at all about whether both characters fully consent to sex.
2. Love triangles
3. Children who do not exist in canon
4. Alternate setting AU's like coffee shops, high schools, etc.
5. Violence beyond what is typical in canon

The Force Awakens
Leia & Ben
This situation tugs at my heart partly because I work in the kind of school where students you like decide to join gangs. They're usually fifteen or sixteen, so technically old enough to know better, but not really old enough to understand what they've gotten themselves into. That's how I picture Ben -- somebody who started going dark, little by little when he was young, and nobody realized how big the problem was until it was too late. I don't picture Leia and Han as bad parents, but I do imagine that they were distracted by their demanding jobs and tumultuous marriage, and maybe they didn't realize quite how lonely/unhappy Ben was. I'm curious about what Ben's relationship with Leia was like in his childhood, and what led up to that decision to "send him away for training" (which makes it sound like he didn't want to go). I'm equally intrigued by what might happen between them after TFA. Leia seems way too tenacious to completely give up on her son, no matter how much she told herself she should. I would dearly love for her to be the one who ultimately confronts Kylo Ren.

Optional prompts:
1. Kylo Ren is ordered to kill General Organa. He fails. Maybe he doesn't want to. Maybe she's way too smart to actually get stabbed through the chest with a lightsaber. Maybe she has some badass fighting skills her son never knew about. Maybe some combination of all three.
2. Leia five days, five months, and five years after her son's defection. What changes? What stays the same?
3. Ordinary slices of life as Leia tries to balance being a working mom who's sometimes also a single mom.

Poe Dameron/Leia Organa
I love so many things about this pairing! For one, I think Leia deserves a hot young lover. A lot of things in her life didn't turn out the way she hoped for, and maybe an attractive pilot who's totally smitten with her would even things out a bit. Although there's obviously an age difference, I think there's a lot they'd have in common: a strong sense of duty, being very good at their jobs, a wicked sense of humor, and also understanding the burdens of command. Obviously, Poe would also admire Leia's long history with the Rebellion, and Leia's got a bit of a thing for men who can fly. My head canon is that they care about each other a lot, but have fairly casual relationship because they're both more focused on the Resistance, but go in whatever direction your story takes you. I'm okay to receive this ship in a variety of scenarios -- Leia had some affairs while Han was gone, Leia and Han got divorced at some point, Leia and Han were never officially married, or post-TFA when Leia is pretty obviously a single lady.

Optional Prompts
1. When Leia realizes how attracted she is to Poe, she feels kinda weird about dating someone her son's age. Not that that's going to stop her.
2. Leia's not one to admit she's hurting, but Poe figures it out and does his best to take care of her.
3. Sure is awkward when your son captures and tortures the guy you were casually dating/fucking...especially when you were the one who sent said guy on the extremely dangerous mission.

I can imagine that a close relationship with Finn would bring them together, or perhaps they would meet through Luke. Poe might bring something unique into Rey's life -- Finn may well be as clueless about life in the Resistance as she is, and Poe would be someone who could provide support and advice. But I think they could relate as equals in many areas too, especially their shared love of flying. Poe would have to admire her skills as a pilot! Or maybe Rey even has some skills that Poe doesn't, like she's better at improvising repairs out of random spare parts, or hell, maybe Poe just thinks it would be cool to learn how to fight with a staff. I would enjoy any of these scenarios as friendship fic, or as a friends-to-lovers situation. If you're going a shippy direction, I really don't think the age difference is a huge issue here. Rey is young, but she's clearly been living an adult life for a long time, and someone her age might not be mature enough for her anyway.

Optional Prompts
1. Poe and Rey wind up stranded somewhere and have to lean on each other's skills to survive/repair the ship/evade First Order patrols
2. Rey's first time. Maybe Poe is determined to take things slow, but Rey's been alone for a long time, and she really just wants sex now please. Bonus points if it's a little awkward but still fun.
3. Flying a freighter -- even a really fast one like the Millennium Falcon -- is very different from flying an X-wing. Poe gives her lessons, and maybe Rey teaches him a few tricks in return.

Poe & Snap & Jess
Poe intrigues me because he's depicted as this hotshot flyboy, but you know he actually has to be very responsible and level-headed to be a commander at a relatively young age. I work with a former fighter pilot, and one of the most interesting things he said is that the pilots are actually all super anal retentive about rules and procedures because one small mistake can kill you. So I imagine Poe has two sides -- one that's kind of crazy and fun-loving, but one that's very serious and rule-oriented. I'm pretty obsessed with fighter pilots IRL, so I'd love anything you wanted to write about a day in the life of the Resistance's best pilot, especially how he relates to pilots under his command. I would especially love to hear more about how Poe balances his command role with his personal friendships and relationships.

1. Poe teaching a new skill to Snap or Jess
2. 5 scenes after a battle, whether it's joyful or sad or somewhere in between
3. Found family in the middle of a war: how do the three of them take care of each other?

Star Wars Original Trilogy
Leia Organa/Han Solo
Snark! All the snark! And all the ways that they both hate being vulnerable, showing weakness, or being out of control - yet being around each other forces them to do all of those things, and that's what draws them together. I am especially interested in Leia's transformation in the three years between ANH and ESB. If you zoom in on her firing the blaster on the walkway on the Death Star, her eyes are actually closed. She's a badass, but she's not battle-tested. By ESB, we see her firing some giant blaster rifle at stormtroopers and welding shit together on the Falcon. I would love to know more about how she goes from princess/diplomat to rebel soldier, and what role Han played in that. By the same token, Han undergoes a transformation between ANH and ESB too. At first, he's planning to take the money and run; then he winds up staying with the Rebellion for three years, and he's good enough at it that Leia describes him as a "natural leader." I'd love to know more about what he got up to in that time. I can't imagine that he stuck around for three years JUST to argue with Leia...

Some optional prompts:
- "Well the bounty hunter we ran into on Ord Mantell changed my mind." What exactly happened there? Bonus points if Leia and Han bond over having enormous prices on their heads.
- Any of the usual getting together tropes: being locked in a closet together, accidentally handcuffed, huddling for warmth, one of them is injured and the other takes care of them...
- Sexy times on the way to Bespin! I am a sucker for it being Leia's first time, but it's also fun if she's way more experienced than Han expected.

Feel free to include any other characters you like - I love them all!

VMars is my forever love, and so is this pairing. Their relationship is messy and complicated, but they can't be satisfied by anyone but each other. They're tied together by the shared tragedy of Lilly's death, but also because they are both children of alcoholic mothers, and both have been abandoned by people who swore to protect them. They understand things about each other that no one else could, and I think they're drawn back together by the fact that no one else could comprehend their epically messed up pasts. Well, that and their amazing snark! I'm happy with any era of fic for them: during the series, missing moments from the movie, post-movie, whatever makes you happy! Please, please no Logan quitting the Navy - I just don't think Veronica would want him to do that, or that he'd be willing.

Optional prompts:
1. Veronica and Logan both have nightmares. Tell me about some times that they comforted each other.
2. Logan's day-to-day life in the Navy (i'm so obsessed with fighter pilots!) interspersed with how he manages his long-distance relationship with Veronica.
3. Veronica isn't very sexually experienced when she and Logan finally get together. What new experiences does he show her? How does she get to know her body?

Marci is one of my favorite characters in canon. I love that she's sharp tongued, unemotional, pragmatic, and unapologetically obsessed with money and her career. In spite of that, she's always there when Foggy needs her. He calls her when he's fighting with Matt in season one, and she comes to the hospital and helps Foggy find a new job in season two. Even if she pretends to be unemotional, she obviously cares. Since Marci is obviously so different from Foggy, I'm curious about what drew them together. Since we've seen relatively few scenes between them in canon, I don't have strong opinions about what their relationship might be like, but I'm equally intrigued by their law school backstory and their possible future after season two.

Optional Prompts
1. Foggy Nelson seems like the kind of guy you can't take seriously, but then he beats Marci on an exam/class project/mock trial thing. Marci can't help but find that seriously attractive.
2. Foggy never thought that he and Marci could have anything serious, but while he's trying to put his life back together after the mess of season two, he realizes she's always been there for him. That makes him wonder if they could be more than friends with benefits after all.
3. Foggy and Marci realize that Jeri Hogarth is shady as fuck (maybe they find out about a conflict of interest, or the jury tampering issue from S1 of Jessica Jones). Investigating her is more difficult (or dangerous) than they expected, and they end up sneaking around, hiding in closets, or even running for their lives together...all the while becoming more and more attracted to each other, of course.

Matt & Karen & Foggy
As always, I love found families and these three embody that dynamic perfectly. Watching them crumble in season two was heartbreaking, but that only made me love them more. What's a family without dysfunction, right? On the one hand, I'd really enjoy some season one-era hijinks, whether that's team bonding or working together to solve a tricky legal case. On the other hand, I'd love to see how they might slowly repair themselves from the wreckage of last season. I've loved all the installments of the various Defenders series, so characters from Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are 100% welcome. (For the record, although I think Matt was about 90% wrong in season 2, that scene where Foggy says "I used to feel sorry for you" has always haunted me. Foggy shares a little bit of the blame for what happened because he built an identity on the assumption that his poor blind friend wanted and needed pity, and that was never true. If you feel like tackling that complicated reality, I'd love you forever.)

Optional prompts:
1. After season two, Matt, Karen, and Foggy are slowly drawn back together by a case that takes all their combined talents to solve.
2. Matt apologizes to Foggy and Karen - first with words, then with actions, over and over again until they finally believe them.
3. 5 crazy/creative/clever things Matt, Karen, and Foggy had to do to keep Nelson & Murdock open during season one.

Kara Danvers & Cat Grant
Cat Grant & Kara Danvers - I watched every episode of the show 50% for Cat, so I'm heartbroken that I don't get to see her every week anymore. Her superficial obsessions, self-aggrandizing, and cutting humor are just so damned entertaining. She's picky about whom she lets past her defenses, but she genuinely cares about the select group of people she's chosen. I especially like how she and Kara compliment each other - Cat is hyper-competent professionally, but a little lost interpersonally while Kara is the exact opposite. I would love anything that captured that dynamic! I'm also a little heartbroken that Cat never figured out Supergirl's secret identity, so a story where she tracks that down would be really fun.

Optional prompts:
1. Cat can see that Kara's having a terrible day and tries to do something nice to help. The whole thing is hilariously awkward and tone-deaf.
2. Cat decides her next adventure after leaving CatCo is tracking down the secret identity of Supergirl. She tries to enlist Kara in the project since she's a reporter now.
3. Cat, Kara, and Supergirl combine their skills to destroy a villain menacing the city.

Winn Schott
I've had a soft spot for Winn ever since the Toyman episode. This season, when he told Alex that growing up in foster care means always being told you should be grateful someone is taking care of you, really broke my heart. Although he's self-deprecating, Winn is clearly a strong person to have survived so much and become a working professional with a successful adult life. I would love to know more about how he survived foster care, put himself through college, and landed a good job at CatCo, and how his past influences his relationships with others.

Optional prompts:
1. 5 times Winn almost told Kara (or Alex, or Jimmy) about his father and decided not to
2. After finding out about his terrible childhood, Kara/Alex/Jimmy try to give him some of the "normal" experiences he missed out on. Maybe he loves it, or maybe it just feels awkward.
3. 5 times Winn was determined to be the perfect friend, because he knows what it's like not to have anyone to rely on.

Kara Danvers/Winn Schott
I'm a sucker for friends to lovers stories, so I was really sad that Kara just didn't feel that way about Winn. He obviously knows her well, and he would be an amazing boyfriend! I have a theory that Kara dismissed his interest because she didn't know his whole history yet, so she imagined he wouldn't be able to understand someone with a life as weird as hers. Now that she knows his past and he works at the DEO, maybe she'd take a second look.

Optional prompts:
1. Kara slowly starts to realize that she has feelings for Winn, but Winn is totally clueless. It doesn't help that Kara's so awkward about romance.
2. Any of the standard getting together tropes: accidentally handcuffed, locked in a closet together, forced to huddle for warmth, etc.
3. When Winn and Supergirl work together closely to defeat a seemingly insurmountable foe, Kara realizes she has feelings for him after all.

Kara & James & Winn
I'm a sucker for found family stories, and I love this family of three. I especially love that Kara, who's lost her whole planet, ties together these two guys who lost their fathers. I really miss the way they were running a clandestine superhero operation out of Catco in season 1, so a "mission fic" set during that era would be lovely! I would also really enjoy seeing more of the ways these three take care of each other.

Optional prompts:
1. James and Winn try to recreate some Kryptonian holiday or tradition that Kara misses. Maybe it doesn't turn out quite as planned.
2. A season-one era "mission" where the three of them team up to defeat the bad guy (or girl).
3. 5 times Kara used her superpowers to help her friends with mundane problems like missing deadlines at work or dating or something.