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May the 4th Letter

Thank you so much for writing for me! If we matched on these requests, I know we have a lot in common already, and I'm really very easy to please. I've written a pretty detailed letter because I find such things helpful when I'm writing. If you don't, then please pick and choose what interests you and disregard the rest (so long as you respect the DNW's). Prompts are 100% optional and can be combined, altered, or borrowed for other pairings as you wish!

I adore friendship fics because I think friendships are just as fascinating and complex as romantic relationships, so rest assured that I love my gen requests just as much as my shippy ones. For ship fic, I'm flexible. I love getting together stories, established relationships, and stories where people who just happen to be a couple go on a mission together. Feel free to include as much or as little explicit sex as you like. My tastes are pretty vanilla, so nothing kinkier than a little fun with handcuffs, please.

I haven't read any of the movie novelizations or expanded universe stuff, so don't feel bound to treat it as canon if you don't want to.

Do not want
1. Non-con, dubcon, or any question at all about whether both characters fully consent to sex.
2. Love triangles
3. Pregnancy, childbirth, or children who do not exist in canon
4. Alternate setting AU's like coffee shops, high schools, etc.
5. I'm a little burned out on Poe having PTSD after the events of TFA. A couple nightmares are fine, but I don't really want that to be the focus of the fic.

1. Lots of banter and snark
2. Having an adventure together, such as a mission or a case
3. Resolving a problem or miscommunication in a relationship
4. Five things fics for any scenario
5. Friends to lovers
6. Character A isn't one to admit that they're hurting or that they need help, but Character B figures it out anyway. (Variation: Character A doesn't usually admit they're hurting, but Character B is the one person they trust enough to ask for help.)
7. Women taking the lead in asking a guy out, admitting to feelings, or initiating sex
8. Characters being attracted to one another's competence
9. Character A has a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day and Character B makes it better
10. Characters trapped in a confined space together and having interesting conversations, finally owning up to their feelings, making out, and/or working together to escape (no claustrophobia in this scenario please)

Normally student-teacher ships skeeve me out, but I can't get this one out of my head. They have so much in common that other people would never understand -- spending years and years alone, fighting for survival in a harsh environment, losing family, being among the last remaining Jedi in the galaxy. I'm obsessed with the idea of both of them being touch-starved, so I can imagine lots of scenarios that slowly (or suddenly) lead to sex -- like, maybe Luke is correcting her stance and she leans in by accident, or Luke gives her a shoulder rub and one thing accidentally leads to another. I imagine that Luke might fight the attraction because he's so much older, or he thinks he doesn't deserve that kind of happiness, but he slowly gives in, maybe because holding himself back is hurting Rey, or because Rey's buoyancy just pulls him in. Or maybe Rey doesn't recognize the attraction for what it is at first, but when she does, she goes for it because she seems like someone who throws herself into new experiences wholeheartedly.

One small addendum to my DNW's: I know relationships with such a large age gap can have issues, but I'd really prefer not to receive anything outright creepy or dysfunctional. I can imagine Luke might angst over the appropriacy of the relationship, or they'd have to talk about whether this is actually a good idea, but I can't see Luke actually pressuring Rey or taking advantage of her.

Optional prompts:
1. Luke decides it's time to return to the Resistance and make amends with Leia. Rey thinks maybe she's being left behind again. Angst ensues.
2. Both are touch-starved and casual/accidental touches slowly build to sex.
3. Both Luke and Rey have been alone for a long time. A really long time. They give into pent-up sexual desire pretty quickly. (Possibly an awkward oh-shit-was-that-really-a-good-idea conversation ensues the next morning.)

Poe Dameron & None
Poe intrigues me because he's depicted as this hotshot flyboy, but you know he actually has to be very responsible and level-headed to be a commander at a relatively young age. I work with a former fighter pilot, and one of the most interesting things he said is that the pilots are actually all super anal retentive about rules and procedures because one small mistake can kill you. So I imagine Poe has two sides -- one that's kind of crazy and fun-loving, but one that's very serious and rule-oriented. I'm pretty obsessed with fighter pilots IRL, so I'd love anything you wanted to write about a day in the life of the Resistance's best pilot, especially how he relates to pilots under his command. If that doesn't float your boat, I'm interested in many other aspects of Poe's character -- his relationship with his parents, how his mother's death impacted his life and what he does to remember her, and what sort of friendship he might have had with Luke when he was younger (I keep hearing things about this Force-sensitive tree? I'm not sure if it's fanon or canon, but I am intrigued!) I really love all the characters in the whole Star Wars ensemble, so have him interact with whomever you want.

Optional Prompts
1. Poe teaching a subordinate a new skill, disciplining a subordinate who made a bad decision, dealing with the loss of someone under his command, or plotting strategy with General Organa
2. Five times Poe was there for someone who needed him
3. How does Poe wind up in the resistance?

I would be equally happy with friendship or ship fic with these two. I can imagine that a close relationship with Finn would bring them together, or perhaps they would meet through Luke. Poe might bring something unique into Rey's life -- Finn may well be as clueless about life in the Resistance as she is, and Poe would be someone who could provide support and advice. But I think they could relate as equals in many areas too, especially their shared love of flying. Poe would have to admire her skills as a pilot! Or maybe Rey even has some skills that Poe doesn't, like she's better at improvising repairs out of random spare parts, or hell, maybe Poe just thinks it would be cool to learn how to fight with a staff. I would enjoy any of these scenarios as friendship fic, or as a friends-to-lovers situation. If you're going a shippy direction, I really don't think the age difference is a huge issue here. Rey is young, but she's clearly been living an adult life for a long time, and someone her age might not be mature enough for her anyway.

Optional prompts
1. Poe and Rey wind up stranded somewhere and have to lean on each other's skills to survive/repair the ship/evade First Order patrols
2. Rey's first time. Maybe Poe is determined to take things slow, but Rey's been alone for a long time, and she really just wants sex now please. Bonus points if it's a little awkward but still fun.
3. Flying a freighter -- even a really fast one like the Millennium Falcon -- is very different from flying an X-wing. Poe gives her lessons, and maybe Rey teaches him a few tricks in return.

This ship was my very first OTP, before I even knew what an OTP was. Neither Han nor Leia are used to being caught off guard, but they both challenge each other in different ways. Han is attracted to Leia's competence, and she's attracted to the fact that he's so different from anyone else in her life. Their snark is beautiful to watch. Seeing how their relationship played out in TFA actually made me more obsessed. I loved that the movie acknowledged that loving someone isn't quite the same as living happily ever after. I love fluff and hurt/comfort with these two, but I also love the angst. If you want to show me a cataclysmic fight or the day Han left and didn't come back, go for it!

Optional prompts
1. Leia's done her best to learn how to live like a normal person, but there are some gaps in her education after all those years as a princess. Maybe she isn't quite sure how to do laundry, or maybe her first turn in the Falcon's galley is an inedible mess. Han teaches her a few things, and teases her. A lot. Maybe for years.
2. An enormous fight and the makeup sex that followed.
3. Post ANH, bonding over having an enormous price on both their heads. Bonus points if it includes whatever happened at Oord Mandell.

Poe Dameron/Leia Organa
I love so many things about this pairing! For one, I think Leia deserves a hot young lover. A lot of things in her life didn't turn out the way she hoped for, and maybe an attractive pilot who's totally smitten with her would even things out a bit. Although there's obviously an age difference, I think there's a lot they'd have in common: a strong sense of duty, being very good at their jobs, a wicked sense of humor, and also understanding the burdens of command. Obviously, Poe would also admire Leia's long history with the Rebellion, and Leia's got a bit of a thing for men who can fly. My head canon is that they care about each other a lot, but have fairly casual relationship because they're both more focused on the Resistance, but go in whatever direction your story takes you. I'm okay to receive this ship in a variety of scenarios -- Leia had some affairs while Han was gone, Leia and Han got divorced at some point, Leia and Han were never officially married, or post-TFA when Leia is pretty obviously a single lady.

Pairing-specific DNW: No weird mommy feelings mixed up in their relationship please.

Optional Prompts
1. When Leia realizes how attracted she is to Poe, she feels kinda weird about dating someone her son's age. Not that that's going to stop her.
2. Leia's not one to admit she's hurting, but Poe figures it out and does his best to take care of her.
3. Poe loses a pilot in the line of duty, and Leia talks him through it. (Or they both console each other after a difficult battle results in heavy losses.)
4. Sure is awkward when your son captures and tortures the guy you were casually dating/fucking...especially when you were the one who sent said guy on the extremely dangerous mission.