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Chocolate Box Letter

Hello and thank you for writing for me! I've tried to provide a lot of detail because I find that helpful when I'm writing for others. Please feel free to take what's useful to you and disregard the rest. Prompts can be altered, combined, twisted, and bent as you see fit. I love gen fic and friendships just as much as romance, and I'm very flexible where ship fic is concerned. I love getting together stories, established relationship stories, and stories where people who just happen to be a couple go on an adventure together. I am happy to receive any rating of fic, but I'm a pretty vanilla fan girl, so please nothing kinkier than a little fun with handcuffs.

Here is a pretty short list of do not wants:
1. Any children who do not exist in canon
2. Rape, non-con, dub con, or any question at all about whether both characters fully consent to sex.
3. Alternate setting AU's, such as coffee shops or high schools (except for the one Logan/Veronica prompt below)
4. Violence beyond what is typical in canon.
5. Love triangles

Here is a longer list of things I like:
1. Characters being attracted to each other's competence
2. Details about daily life in unusual settings or professions (for example, being a private eye or being a member of the Restistance)
3. Found family
4. People thinking they are just casually dating/hooking up and then realizing they have feelings for each other
5. Food & cooking as a way of showing love
6. Being trapped in a confined space together and having and discovering they have something unexpected in common (for genfic) and/or admitting their feelings and making out (for shippy fic)
7. Women being physically or emotionally protective of a man
8. Banter and snark
9. Character A not admitting that they're struggling, and Character B realizes they need help and takes care of them.
10. Stranded somewhere and working together to survive

Below are 2-3 prompts for each of the pairings I requested. Feel free to use or not use as you see fit!

Star Wars Original Trilogy - Leia/Mon Mothma, Leia/Han
Leia/Mon Mothma:
1. 1. Tell me how Leia got involved with the Rebellion - did Mon Monthma recruit her, or did Leia track down Mon Mothma and demand to join? Alternatively, tell me about a mission Leia and Mon Mothma completed together, and what Mon Mothma might have taught her about working undercover.
2. Life as a princess on Alderaan was a bit restrictive. Now that she's a Senator with her own apartment on Coruscant, Leia's free to explore new things - like relationships with hot older women.
3. General Organa reflects on what her youthful relationship with Mon Mothma taught her about leadership, battle strategy, living with the burdens of imperfect decisions during a war, etc.

1. Leia's done her best to learn how to live like a normal person, but since she grew up in a palace with servants, there are some gaps in her education. Maybe Han catches her staring at the washing machine on the Falcon with no clue how to use it, or her first night of cooking duty results in an inedible mess. Han is completely merciless, but also teaches her.
2. Han thinks he's going to teach Leia how to spar. Little does he know, her parents got her martial arts lessons years ago.
3. Either one comforting the other after a nightmare.

The Force Awakens - Leia/Poe, Leia & Rey, Leia & Ben
1. When Leia realizes how attracted she is to Poe, she feels kinda weird about dating someone her son's age. Not that that's going to stop her.
2. Leia's not one to admit she's hurting, but Poe figures it out and does his best to take care of her.
3. Poe loses a pilot in the line of duty, and Leia talks him through it. (Or they both console each other after a difficult battle results in heavy losses.)

Leia & Rey:
1. Leia teaches Rey a skill, like how to use a blaster, how to plan a covert op, or some Jedi skill that Luke hasn't quite been able to explain properly
2. Leia & Rey on a mission together, perhaps sneaking onto a First Order ship. Feel free to include Finn or Poe if you like!
3. Rey and Leia remember Han together

Leia & Ben
1. A day in the life of a working mom, trying to juggle motherhood and providing peace & order to the New Republic
2. What was her relationship with Ben like? Were they close? Were there warning signs that she missed or willfully ignored?
3. Leia's willing to do anything to get Ben back, including using the Dark Side of the Force.

Veronica Mars - Logan/Veronica
1. Missing moment from the movie: what did Logan and Veronica talk about while they waited for her dad in the ER?
2. Logan and Keith circling each other warily, knowing they have to get along for Veronica's sake but not necessarily liking it.
3. And now for the crazy unicorn prompt I don't expect anyone to fill...World War II AU where Logan is a fighter pilot and Veronica is a spy behind enemy lines, or Star Wars fusion where Logan is an X-wing pilot and Veronica spies for the Rebellion/Resistance