star wars: leia han luke

Rogue One!!!

Eight hours after leaving the theater, I'm still overwhelmed. I went in feeling afraid (I think that will always be my reaction to new Star Wars movies after the train wreck of the prequels) and I left feeling amazed. I want to watch it again. Preferably tomorrow.

1. I feel like Mon Mothma got sidelined. I don't see why she couldn't have been the one giving morally ambiguous orders to spies, and I don't really buy that she would have just give up because the council couldn't agree.
2. The first scene with Vader was awkward and gratuitous, although I did enjoy seeing that he lives in Mordor.
3. Tarkin blowing up the entire Imperial archive feels like a really questionable strategic decision, and I think there were more realistic ways for the writers to get to the ending they wanted.

Holy shit. EVERYBODY DIES. That, more than anything, is what blew me away. It's a Star Wars movie, yes, but it's also a war movie. A real, true war movie where people going on amazing adventures but also have to make terrible sacrifices and morally ambiguous decisions and die anonymously on battlefields instead of coming home to get medals and march in big, shiny parades.

When K2 died, I thought it was the token death to make things real. I really wanted Chirrut to survive because his character was so compelling, but he seemed like the self-sacrificing type, so I wasn't surprised when he went. But then I thought Baze was going to survive to remember him, but then he died too... I thought Cassian died in the archive, so when he climbed up to see Jyn finish the mission, I was sure they were the triumphant heroes who got to survive...

What I loved about this movie is how much it adds to the original trilogy. Those movies have so much more weight and meaning when you know the sacrifices required to get those plans, and when you know how many good people gave their lives to destroy the Empire.

P.S. Open to prompting if there's something you want to read.
I saw it Saturday morning and I am STILL SQUEEING. I was spoiled for the deaths - I had to know whether I could take my five-year-old to see it - but the impact was no less. I really hoped at least one of them would come out of it.

(But this does make "Rogue Squadron" have a whole new emotional impact for me)

I am looking forward to all the Mon Mothma fic that has to be coming out of this. I mean, a quick look at the various archives tells me Cassian/Jyn, Cassian/Bodhi, Chirrut/Baze, and various fix-its are all winning the day right now, but Mothma has got to have so much to say!!!

I'm also curious as to what the practical repercussions would be for Tarkin's actions at Scarif. Surely the Emperor isn't totally fine with the strategic loss of everything like that. But even if the Emperor doesn't care, someone in the Empire's civilian hierarchy is going to be pissed.
I loved it too! *still flailing inside* I was also surprised that everyone died but yet also not. I mean, it makes sense, and like you said, it really gives so much power to the original trilogy knowing this backstory. (Though I kept waiting for all those many Bothans! Where were the Bothans?!)

It was so cool having Mon Mothma back but I very much agree about her getting sidelined. I was hoping for more-- a little nod or an aside/private conversation/something to encourage Jyn's quest even if she couldn't say it outright.

Yeah, I would think the Emperor would be pissed about their entire archive being blown up. It seemed extreme, and it also seemed rather self-serving. Like Tarkin was more wanting to take out his rival than anything. And that seems a rather extreme way to do it. Also, if he was that hellbent on taking out the Rebellion forces, you'd think he'd have just blown up the whole damn planet because honestly, most of the Rebellion was close enough to the planet that I'd guess a huge amount of their armada would have been decimated. But I suppose there's the whole bit about Alderaan being the first whole planet test. Yeah, that made for an effectively devastating (and clean) ending but it feels really off if you let yourself actually think about it.

Also, I was impressed that they could make K2 that sassy and funny and not annoying (to me, at least!) That's a hard line to walk and I really, really enjoyed his character.