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Star Wars Fic: The Best Kind of Game (Poe/Leia)

Star Wars Rare Pair reveals happened yesterday, so I can finally claim my stories. This one was my main assignment, and to be honest, I really struggled with it. I didn't want to rewrite the first Poe/Leia story I did, I didn't have time to write the really ambitious idea I wanted to do, and I just wasn't able to write the smut that my recip really wanted. Looking back through it, it's a lot better than I thought it was, but it's hard to really love something when you had to fight for every word.

Title: The Best Kind of Game
Rating: Teen
Characters & Pairings: Poe/Leia, Finn, BB-8, Snap Wexley
Summary: There are a thousand things Poe can’t do in the war: he can’t always hit the target, he can’t stop pilots dying by the dozens, he can’t even get Jessika Pava to stop bending her undercarriage on nighttime landings. But he can almost always find one small thing to make General Organa happy, and that's enough for him.
Word Count: 6200