starwars: poe


I wrote a Star Wars story that includes BB8. I tried enclosing his "dialogue" in those pointy bracket things < > like I've seen other people do...but AO3 mistook it for html tags and tried to convert random words to html with predictably poor results. Now all of BB8's dialogue is missing, and the format of the whole story is fucked up.

Is there a different way you guys are punctuating BB-8's dialogue? Alternatively, is there a way I can get AO3 to recognize my other html tags without trying to convert all of BB-8's dialogue?
When I have to use punctuation like that on AO3, I search-and-replace them with the HTML character entity codes: &lt; for the < sign and &gt; for the > sign. That way it doesn't see them as code-brackets and create the problem you're having.

Hope that helps?
This, and in fact you generally don't even have to do &gt; because since it doesn't think the html ever started, it doesn't think there is supposed to be an end tag.

So just, in the text you're pasting in, find-n-replace all < with &lt; and maybe all > with &gt;

(for reference, the lt and gt are for less than and greater than)

I use square brackets under similar circumstances; AO3 doesn't mess with them.