star wars: leia han luke

Star Wars Rare Pair Letter

Hello and thank you for writing for me! If we matched on these obscure pairings, I am certain that we have a lot in common and I'm going to love your story. I've tried to provide a lot of detail because I find that helpful when I'm writing for others. Please feel free to take what's useful to you and disregard the rest. Prompts can be altered, combined, twisted, and bent as you see fit. I am very flexible where ship fic is concerned. I love getting together stories, established relationship stories, and stories where people who just happen to be a couple go on an adventure together. I am also open to whatever rating you want to write, but I'm pretty vanilla fangirl, so nothing kinkier than a little fun with handcuffs please.

Here is a pretty short list of do not wants:
1. Anything about pregnancy, childbirth, or children who do not exist in canon.
2. Rape, non-con, dub con, or any question at all about whether both characters fully consent to sex.
3. Alternate setting AU's, such as coffee shops or high schools.
4. Violence beyond what is typical in canon.
5. Love triangles

Here is a longer list of things I like:
1. Characters being attracted to each other's competence
2. Details about daily life in the Resistance
3. Friends to lovers
4. People thinking they are just casually dating/hooking up and then realizing they have feelings for each other
5. Ladies taking the initiative in asking a guy out or initiating sex
6. Being trapped in a confined space together and having an interesting conversation, finally admitting to feelings, and/or making out (no claustrophobia please)
7. Women being physically or emotionally protective of a man
8. Banter and snark
9. Character A not admitting that they're struggling, and Character B realizes they need help and takes care of them.
10. Stranded somewhere and working together to survive

Poe Dameron/Leia Organa
What I like about this ship: For one, I think Leia deserves a hot young lover. A lot of things in her life didn't turn out the way she hoped for, and maybe an attractive pilot who's totally smitten with her would even things out a bit. Although there's obviously an age difference, I think there's a lot they'd have in common: a strong sense of duty, being very good at their jobs, a wicked sense of humor, and also understanding the burdens of command. Obviously, Poe would also admire Leia's long history with the Rebellion, and Leia's got a bit of a thing for men who can fly. My head canon is that they care about each other a lot, but have fairly casual relationship because they're both more focused on the Resistance, but go in whatever direction your story takes you. I'm okay to receive this ship in a variety of scenarios -- Leia had some affairs while Han was gone, Leia and Han got divorced at some point, Leia and Han were never officially married, or post-TFA when Leia is pretty obviously a single lady.

Pairing-specific DNW: No weird mommy feelings mixed up in their relationship please.

Optional Prompts
1. When Leia realizes how attracted she is to Poe, she feels kinda weird about dating someone her son's age. Not that that's going to stop her.
2. Leia's not one to admit she's hurting, but Poe figures it out and does his best to take care of her.
3. Poe loses a pilot in the line of duty, and Leia talks him through it. (Or they both console each other after a difficult battle results in heavy losses.)

Mon Mothma/Leia Organa
What I like about this ship: Mon Mothma is a total bad ass, and I think she deserves a hot young girlfriend. I like the way the two of them would balance each other out - they're both equally determined, but Mon Mothma is cool and quiet, where Leia's a spitfire. Both of them would be attracted to each other's competence, but I think that Leia would know she has a lot to learn from Mon Mothma. Leia's always such a leader in the movies. It would be great to see who (other than her parents) taught her some of that.

Optional Prompts:
1. Tell me how Leia got involved with the Rebellion - did Mon Monthma recruit her, or did Leia track down Mon Mothma and demand to join? Alternatively, tell me about a mission Leia and Mon Mothma completed together, and what Mon Mothma might have taught her about working undercover.
2. Life as a princess on Alderaan was a bit restrictive. Now that she's a Senator with her own apartment on Coruscant, Leia's free to explore new things - like relationships with hot older women.
3. General Organa reflects on what her youthful relationship with Mon Mothma taught her about leadership, battle strategy, living with the burdens of imperfect decisions during a war, etc.

Jessika Pava/Rey
What I like about this pairing: I'm obsessed with fighter pilots and also intrigued by background characters, so you have a lot of freedom with this one! Mostly, I'd like to know more about who Jess is, and also who Rey is when she's not in a survival situation anymore. I am not a huge fan of the trope where Jess is a Jedi fangirl though. I mean, of course she would think the Force is cool -- who woudln't -- but I'd rather her be interested in Rey herself, not just because she's a Jedi.

Optional prompts
1. Finding love in the middle of a war. Jess has been so focused on the battle against the Order, and Rey's been lost in this otherworldly realm of Jedi training, so it's a huge shock to experience something as normal as dating in the middle of all that.
2. Rey missed out on a lot of normal childhood experiences, so Jess tries to recreate them for her -- which takes a lot of creativity, given the limited resources available on a secret base.
3. Jess and Rey are both introverts, and Jess is nice enough to share her secret hiding spots on the base.
4. Jess and Rey don't think they have a lot in common at first, and Rey's still kind of skittish around new people, but when they go on a mission for the Resistance, they really hit it off.

Jessika Pava/Snap Wexley
What I like about this ship: I'm requesting this because, once again, I'm obsessed with fighter pilots and intrigued by background characters. I'm curious what it's like to date a fellow member of the military. How do you find time for each other in between all those missions? For that matter, where do people go to get time alone? I can't imagine that rank-and-file members of the Resistance get their own bedrooms. What kind of friendly competition do the pilots have with each other, and how does that carry over into the relationship? How do you deal with knowing that your significant other is putting their life on the line every day?

Optional Prompts
1. Seeing your significant other get shot down and having to go on with the mission. Alternatively, taking care of each other after both getting shot down.
2. How to celebrate your anniversary on a secret Resistance base with very few resources and few options for being alone
3. Deserting from the Republic Navy to join the Resistance together. Bonus points if the damned Resistance base is way harder to find than they thought it would be.

Jessika Pava/Ben Solo
What I like about this ship: This was the crack ship in my request pile! I would love something set before Ben turns to the Dark Side. Maybe he's this incredibly awkward adolescent boy who has NO idea how to talk to girls -- but, given who is father is, he's a pretty amazing pilot. Jess, who's been flying since she was a kid, is totally into that. Cue cute teenage romance (with tragic ending, if that's where you want to go with it. God, what would Leia even say to Ben's girlfriend? Tell the truth? Pretend he died?) If you'd rather write about Kylo Ren, maybe Jess is captured by the order, and he lets her go in a moment of weakness, perhaps because he remembers his childhood crush. Or maybe they shoot each other down on some godforsaken planet and end up having to work together to survive. I'd rather not receive anything where Jess is secretly working for the Order, or anything where Kylo Ren tortures her.