A good day!

As of today, I am the official co-mod at where_no_woman. I have secretly desired this position ever since the community was created, and recently, I had even gone so far as to contemplate whether there was a diplomatic means to say "hi! can I be a moderator of your community?" Luckily, this was not necessary as sainfoin_fields wrote today and inquired if I would like the position. I am slightly nervous. I have never moderated a community before, but this one seems like a good start. All the members are quite excellent citizens of the internet, and I haven't seen one drop of wank there since its inception.
Please don't laugh but I thought you were already a mod there. Eeep.
I totally thought you were one of the mods also!

Congratulations, this is the time continuum righting itself. Order is restored in the universe!
Ha, I totally thought you were a mod, too. Clearly you just have that modly air of authority about you.
Heh, I too thought you were already a mod. XD Congratulations! :D