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Get to Know Your Author Answers

megan_moonlight asked three questions.

What, if anything, do you do for inspiration?
Comment fic memes have always been my best source of inspiration, and I miss them horribly now that livejournal is mostly dead. I browse kink memes sometimes, but it can be really hit and miss for me since I'm not a kinky writer. The Daredevil one is really friendly to genfic and low-rated het, which is 90% of my writing, but I haven't found a similar space for other fandoms.

What is your biggest weakness as an author?
Probably that I argue with myself too much, and that can make the plot overly complicated. Telling a plausible narrative is really important to me, and I also coach debate, so my mind is programmed to look for reasons why a story doesn't work. Sometimes that helps me build credible stories, but sometimes it tempts me to over-explain stuff that the audience would be quite willing to believe.

Do you write in long sit-down sessions or little spurts?
It really depends on what I have time for. My preference is long sessions, but during the school year, it's almost impossible, so I have to do whatever I can with the time I have.

ragnarok_08 also asked three questions.

Favorite character you've ever written.
Probably Veronica Mars. I love a lot of lady characters, but she's my favorite because I empathize with her the most. Like Veronica, I moved from a small town to New York City with the idea that I would make tons of money and never come home again. Then I ended up moving back home -- which hugely disappointed my father -- and becoming a teacher because fighting for justice was more important than chasing somebody else's idea of success. Seeing one of your favorite characters validate your choices is incredibly powerful. I also love that Veronica doesn't give a shit about how women are supposed to act. She's girly in some ways, like you can tell that she loves clothes and knows how to fix her hair. But she doesn't feel like she needs to be nice in order to make other people more comfortable. She's also the daughter of an alcoholic, so her story really resonates with me, and I think you can see that in my VMars fanfic.

Your strengths as an author
I had to think about this one a lot. I like my stories, but I've never tried to put my finger on exactly why I like them. I would hope that my greatest strength is characterization. I think I'm good at getting into a character's head and figuring out what makes them tick, and I'm especially good at that for supporting characters who don't get a lot of development in canon. My favorite comments are the ones that say "I could hear that character's voice in my head" and "that decision didn't make sense to me on screen, but your story made me believe it."

Copy/paste a few sentences or a short paragraph that you're especially proud of.
It's really hard to find a passage that makes sense out of context! Here's one I like from Less Is More, And Other Lessons in Healthy Relationships.

He almost left Pepper. He's talking about shawarma, and everyone's laughing, but on the inside he's thinking about the terrible, no-good, very bad thing he almost did -- he almost died without telling Pepper how much he loves her. Does she know? She might not; he left her on a roof top once after all, and there was that one time he tried to buy her strawberries... And that time he forgot her birthday. Make that six birthdays. Okay, eleven. Almost every birthday for as long as he's known her.

Fuck, he thinks. He's got to do more for Pepper.

Apparently a giant replica of the Velveteen Rabbit is the wrong kind of more.
I like writing to prompts too... Quick note: The Be_compromised promptathon just closed for prompts -- and there are a couple of hundred of them, including some very juicy ones! You may not feel like writing MCU, but a lot of them can probably be translated to the fandom/pairing of your choice.
I like comment fics and memes, too. I'm spending a lot of time on the comment-fic community lately. I love how many great ideas for a lot of different fandoms I can find there.

Probably that I argue with myself too much, and that can make the plot overly complicated.
I have a similar problem. I simply can't write short fics (like drabbles, for example) because I like to touch upon a lot of aspects of plotlines I'm writing and put a lot of details in my stories.