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I wanna do bad things to you

Last night I stayed up till 3 a.m. to finish my month-long binge watch of all seven seasons of True Blood, and I'm really sad it's over. I mean, it was not a perfect show, but it was one of those shows that made me not care about how imperfect it was, you know? It was like Buffy for grown-ups, where half the conflicts are about vampires and the other half are about normal life stuff, like dating and having a job and paying bills. Unlike Buffy, the vampires aren't the enemy: they've come "out of the coffin" and revealed themselves to the rest of America, and now they're trying to live normal lives amid prejudiced communities. What I really loved about it was how well they recreated small town life. Watching it made me feel like I was back in my childhood hometown, surrounded by the exact people I grew up with.

I was also intrigued by how similar the story arc and the quality of each season mirrored Buffy.

+Seasons 1-3: Pretty much perfect. Large yet balanced ensemble cast. Adorable and slightly campy horror stories with lots of real-life conflict mixed in.

+Season 4: Hm, I still like these characters but the Big Bad is kinda weird and plot cannot withstand close scrutiny.

+Season 5: I love these characters! There's some really high-quality angst here! I'm just going to pretend that the Big Bad is not some kind of deranged god.

+Season 6-7: Wow, this show got really depressing all the sudden. Must we always say goodbye to our favorite series by destroying EVERYTHING and EVERYONE?

Also, guys, this show is basically soft core vampire porn with many beautiful naked people having sex in creative positions. Honestly, it was worth watching for that alone.

I can think of a lot of good reasons for Bill to die, but freeing Sookie from his influence is not an acceptable one. Here are some possible good reasons:

+ He deserves to die because he's the one who decided to bomb all the True Blood factories, which created the Hep-V crisis in the first place.

+ He finally feels human again, and doesn't want to live at the cost of drinking the blood of a clearly terrified woman (even if she's awful and deserves it)

+ He sacrifices himself to physically protect Sookie because it's the best way to repay her for the number of times his inappropriate behavior endangered her life.

"I'm going to kill myself because you shouldn't be my girlfriend" is not an acceptable reason to die. It's an extreme variation of the trope where the guy breaks up with the girl because it's not safe for her to be with him. No, Bill is not a good boyfriend to Sookie. A logical option might be to move away. Failing that, if Bill is truly determined to die, he should have asked Jessica or Eric to drive the stake through his heart instead. Killing him should not be the final task of the girlfriend whom he mistreated off and on for six years. Also, Bill's reasoning is creepy and sexist. "You keep coming back to me no matter what I do" is victim blaming. "I frequently give into the darkest parts of my nature, and since I am unable to control myself, I have concluded that it is my responsibility to remove myself from your presence forever" is much better. And then, if he really thought suicide was the ONLY option, he should've just fucking done it himself rather than forcing the woman who loves him to do it.

Sigh. I suppose very few TV series have a finale that's actually good. I did love Eric and Pam's happy ending though.
ugh the final season ruined the show for me tbh!!! I've been watching True Blood since the third season was airing and up to the last episode of season six I absolutely loved it (even though season five was weird as fuck), like it was one of my favorite shows of all time despite its obvious problems (its treatment of Tara being number fucking one). Then we got a new showrunner and everything went to hell; after having been with True Blood for so long the final season felt like an alternate reality. I honestly couldn't believe what I was watching and I haaaaaaaaaaaated it so much.

oh, well. I'll always have seasons 1-6!
I'm actually kind of relieved to hear that season seven was a totally different show runner. You're right - it really didn't fit with the tone or the characterization of any of the previous seasons. I think I'll just pretend season seven never happened and keep on re-watching 1-6.