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Answers to the Getting to Know Your Writer Meme

For alphaflyer

Character you were most surprised to end up writing? I'm not sure, since I always end up writing for random obscure characters in most of my fandoms. Here's an Horace Slughorn, Seamus Finnigan, and Pansy Parkinson for example, and here's a random one I wrote about Valeris from Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country.

When asked, are you embarrassed or enthusiastic to tell people you write?
I think I've only ever told two people IRL that I write fan fiction. It's not embarrassment exactly - it's more that I share so much of my life with my students and my coworkers that I really, really like having one thing that's just for me.

What do you think when you look over your older work?
This is an interesting question! A lot of the time, I think about where I was and what was happening in my life when I wrote the story. The memories are very detailed, down to where I was sitting while I wrote. Like, I know Lucky in This Life was the first story I wrote in my new house, and I remember sitting on the bed to type because I didn't have a sofa yet. I pounded out The Difference Between a Tool and a Monster in Starbuck's while I was waiting for the state debate tournament awards assembly. I remember how blessedly relieved I felt to have finally had some time to myself for the first time that week. Regardless of the stylistic issues I notice when I re-read old stories, it's fun to have a time capsule back to these random, specific moments in my life.

As far as the quality, I'm mostly happy even with my older stories. I can't tell you objectively whether they're "good" or not, but since I've always written stories I want to read, I like them. Sometimes I notice issues, especially with formatting, and I wish I'd expanded on some stories more. Ultimately, though, I'm happy when I notice that my older stories aren't as good as my newer ones. It would be so depressing if my writing hadn't progressed since 2009!
Thank you! I like your thoughts about older stories - I sometimes cringe at the clunky dialogue in mine, but I am fond of all of them, and like you, they can transport me to a place and time. Or a song, and feeling or the colour of my thoughts at the time.

Edited to make clear I was talking about clunky dialogue in MY old stories....

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I like that you're happy with your older works. I find that I like mine, too, but you're the first writer I've seen who feels the same.

All this was interesting to read; thank you for sharing. :D
I find it interesting that you can remember in such a detailed way what was going on when you were writing a fic, down to where you actually wrote it. I wouldn't be able to recall where I wrote most of mine - I'd assume sitting on a bed, but I'd have to check the dates to know what house/acomm that bed was in at the time!

I like looking back at old fics and seeing where I've come from too. There's a lot I would change in my older stories, but I wouldn't, because I like to see that I've gotten better *grins*.
Interesting stuff! Especially the last question. That is a neat unexpected side effect.