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Veronica Mars Fic: Burn My Past To the Ground (The Epistolary Remix)

This is the treat I wrote for FemmeRemix. Of the four remixes I wrote last month, this is the one I'm most proud of in terms of remix technique. The original story -- And Your Mother Too by Zhailei -- is a straight narrative with some Veronica "voice overs" thrown in. I used a few sections of those voice overs (plus some of my own) to create a letter Veronica might write to her mother, and wove scenes from the original story in between them. In the process, the tone shifted from hopeful to more cynical, which is how basically all of my VM fic ends up. Unfortunately, I don't think my remixee liked it very much, but remix isn't a gift exchange, so I guess that's okay.

Title: Burn My Past to the Ground (The Epistolary Remix)
Rating: Teen
Characters: Veronica, Logan, Wallace, Mac, Sheriff Lamb, Dick Casablancas
Summary: The person Veronica had called Mom was gone, just as surely as if she'd died, but there was no tombstone to visit and no one to mourn her loss. The day before she leaves for Stanford, Veronica finds a way to say goodbye.
Word Count: 2,000