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Star Trek Beyond

I can't put my finger on what was missing from the film. It was just very...blah. I know a lot of people weren't happy about Justin Lin directing, but I don't think it was any more of an action movie than the other two. Something seemed wrong with the pacing, I think? And for some reason, there wasn't much chemistry between the characters? I punctuate all of this with a question mark because I'm genuinely confused by why it wasn't a good movie. I loved the lead alien babe, Uhura got to save the day, Spock and McCoy went on a mission and snarked at each other...I feel like the film probably looked awesome on paper and for some reason came out bland as cardboard.

There is a really nice moment at the end where new!Spock looks at a photo of Spock Prime with the crew of the original Enterprise. I got a little teary at that. And Scotty's character was very vibrant. Probably because Simon Pegg got to write the script. Other than that...meh.
was it at least less painful than 'Into Darkness'? Maybe they were just trying to redeem themselves?

Darn, I had really hoped that Pegg would surprise us. :(
I enjoyed it, myself, but still not as much as I did the first one. That said, I thought the Yorktown was gorgeous and I want to know more about it.

I am also amused that Jim Kirk managed to crash the same spaceship twice in one day. That's got to be some kind of Starfleet record.
I loved the lead alien babe, Uhura got to save the day, Spock and McCoy went on a mission and snarked at each other.

These were my favourite bits, but I do feel something akin to what you describe. I got more out of it as a Trekkie than as a movie-watcher is what I come back to.
I had the bad luck of being distracted by worry because of something that happened just before we had to leave for the movie (I thought I might have bumped an important piece of jewelry my partner gave me down the sink, and of course there had to be something in the film that reminded me of that!) but even without that I suspect I couldn't quite love it. I can see why a lot of people think it's much truer to the spirit of Trek than the predecessors and there were a lot of laughs, but there's something missing from the characters this time for me, like the performances didn't quite feel consistent with the warmth and chemistry they all had before.
I liked it a lot better than the last one, but not as much as the 2009 one. I liked that there seemed to be more interaction among the crew (Spock and BOOOONES), and I actually thought the chemistry between the characters was decent. The plot was pretty thin, though, and the endless action sequences were kind of tiresome. I do hope for some good fic out of it!
Hmmm, I saw the movie yesterday and I loved it. The characters were very enjoyable and in character to me and I loved that everybody got a chance to shine, even Sulu and Chekov, who usually end up kinda shunted to the side.

Even the action sequences fit, in my opinion because they made sense with the story as opposed to being squeezed in there for their own sake like in Into Darkness.

In the end I liked this movie because it felt like it was made by people that knew and loved Star Trek, something I never really got from JJ Abrams.