starwars: poe

Dear Rarepair Author Letter

Hello and thank you for taking the trouble to write a story for me! First things first: I am certain I'll love your story. After all, if we both like these random pairings, we probably have a lot in common! This is a long letter because I like it when my recipients give me a lot to choose from, so please don't feel that I'm asking for all of these things in one story. Although I've requested more pairings from some canons than others, rest assured that I am equally excited to receive any of these ships. The first half of this letter covers general likes and DNWS. Underneath that is canon and pairing-specific information. I hope that you'll find something you enjoy writing; if not, just respect the DNWs, ignore the rest of the letter, and please write something that you'll enjoy. Chances are, if you liked writing it, I'll like reading it too!

1. Pregnancy, childbirth, or children who do not exist in canon. I'm infertile, so this is a huge no-go for me.
2. Noncon, dubcon, or rape.
3. Alternate setting AUs like coffee shops, high schools, etc. Canon-divergent AUs are totally fine.
4. Violence beyond what is typical for that particular canon.
5. Love triangles.

Any rating of fic is okay with me. If you choose to include explicit sex, I'm sure I'll enjoy it; if you don't want to write explicit sex, I won't feel disappointed. That said, I hope your muse also sees fit to include some sort of plot, and I'm a pretty vanilla fangirl, so please don't write anything kinkier than a little bit of fun with handcuffs.

1. Lots of banter and snark
2. Having an adventure together, such as a mission or a case
3. Resolving a problem or miscommunication in a relationship
4. Five things fics for any scenario
5. Friends to lovers
6. Character A isn't one to admit that they're hurting or that they need help, but Character B figures it out anyway. (Variation: Character A doesn't usually admit they're hurting, but Character B is the one person they trust enough to ask for help.)
7. Women taking the lead in asking a guy out, admitting to feelings, or initiating sex
8. Characters being attracted to one another's competence
9. Character A has a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day and Character B makes it better
10. Characters trapped in a confined space together and having interesting conversations, finally owning up to their feelings, making out, and/or working together to escape (no claustrophobia in this scenario please)

What I like about this pairing: I thought they had pretty instant chemistry in the movie, and T'Challa is open but respectful about conveying his attraction. To an extent, both of them are playing both sides. Natasha defends the Sokovia Accords, but helps Steve and Bucky escape. T'Challa is the king of Wakanda but still maintains a secret identity as the Black Panther. Others might see them as two-faced, but Natasha and T'Challa would view each other as complex and multi-faceted. I also think that T'Challa would respect Natasha's boundaries and not expect the relationship to move too quickly (which would probably be a welcome change from Bruce, who responded to the proposition of shower sex by telling Natasha that he won't be able to have kids with her).

Optional Prompts
1. T'Challa asks Natasha on a date, buys her flowers, and takes her out to a nice dinner. Natasha is thoroughly disconcerted since she usually goes straight for hooking up, and she didn't expect anyone could know her whole history and still be attracted to her.
2. While Steve is formulating some elaborate prison break, Natasha and T'Challa go bust everyone out of the Raft.
3. T'Challa is a badass warrior but knows nothing about undercover work, so Nat teaches him some of her spy skills. T'Challa is extremely attracted to her competence.

Foggy Nelson/Marci Stahl
What I like about this ship: Marci is one of my favorite characters in canon. I love that she's sharp tongued, unemotional, pragmatic, and unapologetically obsessed with money and her career. In spite of that, she's always there when Foggy needs her. He calls her when he's fighting with Matt in season one, and she comes to the hospital and helps Foggy find a new job in season two. Even if she pretends to be unemotional, she obviously cares. Since Marci is obviously so different from Foggy, I'm curious about what drew them together. Since we've seen relatively few scenes between them in canon, I don't have strong opinions about what their relationship might be like, but I'm equally intrigued by their law school backstory and their possible future in season two.

Optional Prompts
1. Foggy Nelson seems like the kind of guy you can't take seriously, but then he beats Marci on an exam/class project/mock trial thing. Marci can't help but find that seriously attractive.
2. Foggy never thought that he and Marci could have anything serious, but while he's trying to put his life back together after the mess of season two, he realizes she's always been there for him. That makes him wonder if they could be more than friends with benefits after all.
3. Foggy and Marci realize that Jeri Hogarth is shady as fuck (maybe they find out about a conflict of interest, or the jury tampering issue from S1 of Jessica Jones). Investigating her is more difficult (or dangerous) than they expected, and they end up sneaking around, hiding in closets, or even running for their lives together...all the while becoming more and more attracted to each other, of course.

Crossover Ships
Matt Murdock/Natasha Romanov
What I like about this pairing: I think they'd understand each other very well. They're both trying to do the right thing, but the lines get blurry sometimes. They were both child soldiers, in different ways. They both have a habit of concealing things from their friends, and sometimes even outright lying, to protect themselves emotionally. Neither of them would expect a 'normal' relationship. Natasha wouldn't be bothered by the fact that Matt is basically two people -- a mild-mannered lawyer, and a vigilante who's not afraid to inflict violence on others. Matt believes anyone can be redeemed, and Natasha needs that. Romantically, I see them having very deep feelings for each other but not necessarily a long term relationship. It seems more likely that they would drop in and out of each other's lives periodically, but they might fall into something serious by accident when they're both hurting in the wake of Season 2/Cap 3.

Optional Prompts
1. Basically any h/c for these two. Natasha lays low with Matt in the aftermath of Cap 2 or Cap 3. Natasha shows up when Matt is at a low point after season two of Daredevil. Matt gets beaten up in a fight and Natasha takes care of him, or vice versa. Hell, both of them get beaten up terribly in a fight, and they have to find a way to take care of each other because they're too damn stubborn to call for help.
2. Natasha's the one who taught Matt how to get out of Stick's hold. She wonders why he's so obsessed with learning this specific move, and she gradually gets Matt to open up about his past.
3. After the events of Cap 2, Natasha is slowly setting up a "normal" cover identity for herself in NYC. Then she finds a guy in a red leather suit in the dumpster behind her building.

Matt Murdock/Veronica Mars
What I like about this ship: My obsession began when I realized that canonically, Veronica and Matt could easily have been at Columbia Law at the same time. Canonically, they seem to be each other's types. Matt's got a thing for beautiful women who'll break your heart, and Veronica loves guys who have troubled back stories, anger management issues, and a white knight complex. They're both intelligent, snarky, and driven, so I can imagine they'd be competing for the top scores in their classes. At first, they'd hate each other a little bit, but they'd quickly recognize the underlying attraction. They also have other, deeper things in common. For example, they are both from a different socioeconomic class than their Ivy League peers, they both fight for the underdog, and they both have mothers who disappeared when they needed them the most. (Not a huge fan of the comic backstory that Matt's mom became a nun. My personal head canon is that she's an addict, but go with what works for your story.)

Optional Prompts
1. Mother's Day is a shitty day for both of them.
2. There's nothing Veronica finds more attractive than a puzzle, and Matt Murdock definitely is one. Just what is this guy hiding?
3. Veronica and Matt team up to help the little guy. It starts as some simple pro bono legal work, but quickly grows to require investigative skills and possibly even some fighting skills -- which is interesting, since both of them are hiding their pasts from the other.

Matt Murdock/Jessica Jones
What I like about this ship: Dysfunctional vigilantes! Yeah, I think that basically sums it up. But that's probably not enough detail, so... I like that they are both pretty stoic and not likely to admit how much pain they're in, but each of them could probably sense that the other is hurting. Neither of them would have deep expectations about a normal relationship, at least not at first, but they might slowly fall into one without realizing it. Obviously, Jessica isn't going to judge Matt for his "extracurricular activities," and Matt believes that anybody can be redeemed, which Jessica needs to hear even if she doesn't admit to it.

Optional Prompts
1. Jessica Jones finds Daredevil in her dumpster. The appropriate response, clearly, is to carry him upstairs, nurse him back to health (surprisingly easy, since the guy heals weirdly fast), possibly hook up with him, and then investigate who the hell is under that mask.
2. Jessica wanders into Josie's in search of a drink. The stool next to Matt is empty.
3. Matt's patrolling Hell's Kitchen when he comes across Jessica Jones beating someone up -- and he mistakenly assumes she's the bad guy. An epic fight ensues, during which the real bad guy gets away. They team up to look for him, and then start fighting crime together.

Star Trek AOS
What I like about this ship: This is one of my favorite ships from my STXI days. Although I enjoyed Spock/Uhura in the movies, I think they're headed toward an amicable breakup (not because Spock wanted to be with Kirk please). I've always though McCoy seemed really right for Uhura. She's pretty mature for her age, so I imagine she likes older guys. McCoy's had a lot of life experience, what with overcoming his divorce (and maybe a drinking problem, depending on how you interpret canon). I was impressed by how "together" he seemed to have things in STID, and I think Uhura would be attracted to his growth. Furthermore, Uhura's attracted to smart men with goals. McCoy isn't in-your-face about his intelligence or medical skills, but it's not everyone who could be the CMO of a starship like the Enterprise. But although though McCoy is mature and competent, he also has a sense of fun. He and Uhura are both snarky, and I can imagine that they would appreciate each other's wicked sense of humor (and maybe tell each other all the biting comments that they have to keep on the inside for fear of offending others).

Optional Prompts
1. McCoy and Uhura become good friends because they spend a lot of time in sickbay waiting for Kirk to wake up from comas/recover from life-threatening injuries. They're a little surprised to find they both have feelings for each other, but they're willing to go for it.
2. Any scenario where they're trapped together in a dangerous situation. They'd have lots of time to talk, and also to show of their skills (i.e., McCoy manages to treat Uhura's injuries with limited supplies, and Uhura uses her language skills to escape). Extreme attraction to one another ensues.
3. A bad but not hugely traumatic thing happens to Uhura (i.e., her mom is diagnosed with an illness and Uhura can't go home to be with her. Not something awful like she gets raped.) McCoy is a surprisingly good source of advice, and Uhura starts thinking of him as more than just Jim's best friend.

I really enjoyed Uhura and Kirk's budding friendship in STID, so anything you wanted to include about that would be a nice bonus.

Star Wars Original Trilogy
Mon Mothma/Leia Organa
What I like about this ship: Mon Mothma is a total bad ass, and I think she deserves a hot young girlfriend. I like the way the two of them would balance each other out - they're both equally determined, but Mon Mothma is cool and quiet, where Leia's a spitfire. Both of them would be attracted to each other's competence, but I think that Leia would know she has a lot to learn from Mon Mothma. Leia's always such a leader in the movies. It would be great to see who (other than her parents) taught her some of that.

Optional Prompts:
1. Tell me how Leia got involved with the Rebellion - did Mon Monthma recruit her, or did Leia track down Mon Mothma and demand to join? Alternatively, tell me about a mission Leia and Mon Mothma completed together, and what Mon Mothma might have taught her about working undercover.
2. Life as a princess on Alderaan was a bit restrictive. Now that she's a Senator with her own apartment on Coruscant, Leia's free to explore new things - like relationships with hot older women.
3. General Organa reflects on what her youthful relationship with Mon Mothma taught her about leadership, battle strategy, living with the burdens of imperfect decisions during a war, etc.

Star Wars Sequel Trilogy
Jessika Pava/Rey, Jessika Pava/Poe Dameron, Jessika Pava/Snap Wexley
I haven't written separate descriptions/prompts for these ships because I love them all for the same reason: pilots! in space! I maybe, possibly have an obsession with fighter pilots (so much so that google started automatically adding 'Navy pilot' to all my search terms). If inspiration strikes, I'd love to know about the daily life of pilots in the Resistance -- what their ready room is like, what kind of inside jokes and good luck rituals they have, how they train, how X-wings work, etc. If that doesn't work for you, no worries! I also love minor characters. Part of the appeal of this request is that most of these characters barely appeared in canon (even Poe!) I'm so excited to find out more about their personalities, their quirks and flaws, what brought them into the Resistance, what they do in their free time - basically anything you can think of to make them real people instead of characters with a few seconds of screen time. (I'm including Rey in this request because the Millennium Falcon is a badass ship in its own right, but also because Rey might reasonably be trained to fly an X-wing.)

Optional Prompts
1. Having to focus on the mission when you see that your significant other has been shot down. Alternatively, being shot down together and having to survive until help arrives. (H/c with one injured pilot quite welcome)
2. Banter, snark, and friendly competition about who's the better pilot. Extreme attraction to one another's competence.
3. Deciding to desert the Republic Navy together and fight for the Resistance instead. (Bonus points if actually figuring out where all those Resistance fighters are hiding is way harder than expected.)

Leia Organa/Poe Dameron
What I like about this ship: For one, I think Leia deserves a hot young lover. A lot of things in her life didn't turn out the way she hoped for, and maybe an attractive pilot who's totally smitten with her would even things out a bit. Although there's obviously an age difference, I think there's a lot they'd have in common: a strong sense of duty, being very good at their jobs, a wicked sense of humor, and also understanding the burdens of command. Obviously, Poe would also admire Leia's long history with the Rebellion, and Leia's got a bit of a thing for men who can fly. My head canon is that they care about each other a lot, but have fairly casual relationship because they're both more focused on the Resistance, but go in whatever direction your story takes you. I'm okay to receive this ship in a variety of scenarios -- Leia had some affairs while Han was gone, Leia and Han got divorced at some point, Leia and Han were never officially married, or post-TFA when Leia is pretty obviously a single lady.

Pairing-specific DNW: No weird mommy feelings mixed up in their relationship please.

Optional Prompts
1. When Leia realizes how attracted she is to Poe, she feels kinda weird about dating someone her son's age. Not that that's going to stop her.
2. Leia's not one to admit she's hurting, but Poe figures it out and does his best to take care of her.
3. Poe loses a pilot in the line of duty, and Leia talks him through it. (Or they both console each other after a difficult battle results in heavy losses.)
4. Sure is awkward when your son captures and tortures the guy you were casually dating/fucking...especially when you were the one who sent said guy on the extremely dangerous mission.

Veronica Mars
Logan Echolls/Carrie Bishop
What I like about this ship: I'm intrigued by this whole sad, doomed relationship. Carrie was such an interesting character in the series - a total gossipy bitch to Veronica's face, yet willing to endure the censure of the entire school to get justice for Susan. To be that devoted to your friend and then feel responsible for her death must have been devastating. How did she rebuild her life afterward? How did she end up a pop star? Logan's journey is also fascinating to me. The Navy is the last place I would have expected him to end up, but it makes sense that his character needed rules, boundaries, and a non-destructive outlet for his White Knight Syndrome. I never get tired of stories about what drew him to the Navy, but I feel like what drew him to Carrie hasn't been explored much in fandom. In lieu of prompts, here are a whole bunch of unanswered questions: How did they meet? Was she a wild child like Lilly? What were their happy times like? How did they manage the pressures of both their jobs? Did they talk about their pasts at all, or just try to pretend like they were both happy, functional people all the time? Did Logan see her addiction developing, or was he totally blindsided by it? How does he deal with his grief after her death?

It's important to me that Carrie be at least a little sympathetic here. She was involved in Susan's death, wanted to come clean, and her friends didn't let her. Then she was blackmailed by Stu Cobbler for almost a decade, and she wanted to speak out so badly she was murdered for it. I don't think she was deliberately a toxic bitch - just in way over her head, not able to deal with her guilt, and probably not sure what to do with a loving relationship she might not have felt she deserved.

PS: I am obsessed with fighter pilots, so anything you want to include about that aspect of Logan's life would be a lovely bonus!