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Star Wars Recs

B-A-N-A-N-A (11669 words) by hoosierbitch - Poe, Leia, Finn/Poe/Rey endgame
Six very satisfying and not overly angsty Poe h/c snippets. I especially liked his friendship with Leia. Mind the tags and author's notes as the story does contain slightly more graphic/disturbing content than canon.

road trip playlist (5489 words) by magneticwave - Rey, Chewie
Rey gets used to her new life in the resistance, which includes being the XO of a piece of junk spaceship, working for a foul-mouthed Wookiee, and getting used to military protocol. Perfect character voices!

The Boy from the Stars (1905 words) by Lefaym - Beru, Owen, Luke
A lovely set of anecdotes from Beru's POV about raising Luke. Stories that flesh out minor characters are my favorite, and this one does a lovely job of that.

Aphelion (6063 words) by ambiguously - Rey, Kylo Ren
Rey and Kylo Ren are stranded on a barren planet together and have no choice but to rely on each other to survive. This is a well-executed version of one of my very favorite tropes.

The Galaxy Is Not a Cold Dead Place (21019 words) by thedeadparrot - Finn/Poe/Rey
Canon divergence AU in which Finn, Poe, and Rey all go together to look for Luke at the end of TFA. Their journey does not go as smoothly as they might have hoped. This is some of the best world-building I've read in this fandom, and the interpersonal dynamics are lovely too.
I've never really read Star Wars fanfic, but I'm gonna bookmark this and give them a chance after exams. Thank you! :D