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Alas, the big pan-fandom remix does not appear to be running this year, but there are still other options for us remix junkies! If you are not yet a remix junkie, here's my sales pitch: Remixing is fun because another author gives you the opportunity to play with their stories. It's the ultimate low-pressure exchange because you're not really making a gift - after all, your recip has already gotten to do whatever they want with the story, so they're just in it for the chance to see whatever wacky thing you do. You can change the POV, tell the story backwards, rewrite from a minor character's perspective, alter the tone, change the genre, drop everyone into a wacky zombie AU, basically do any weird creative thing that you've always wanted to try. I look forward to it all year long.

Femme Remix is a remix challenge centered on female characters. To sign up, you need at least 3 stories with a central female character in at least one fandom. You also have to be willing to remix stories in at least 3 fandoms. If you don't meet the eligibility requirements, or you don't want the whole deadline responsibility thing, you can sign up to receive treats, and anyone can write treats for anyone who's on the treat post.

If you want to control which of your stories gets remixed, you can do Remix Me. For this challenge, you can nominate 5-7 of your stories to be claimed by others for remixing. Nominations are currently open, and you should nominate the fandoms/characters for the stories that you plan to offer for remixing (not the fandoms you want to write in). I'm super excited about this one, and I know I'm offering a combo of Star Wars, Daredevil, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Veronica Mars, and MCU, but I haven't decided which specific stories yet.

1. A Margaret Thatcher Kind of Night (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
2. The Ladies Book Club of the Ninety-Ninth Precinct (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
3. Amends (Daredevil)
4. Five Ways to Stop Being a Princess (Star Wars Original Trilogy)
5. Advice for Those of You Just Starting Your Heroic Journey (Star Wars Sequel Trilogy)
6. We'll All Float On Okay (Star Wars Sequel Trilogy)
7. Eight Weeks Probation (Veronica Mars)
8. Introduction to Western Literature (MCU)

Hmmm...that's eight already. This is going to be a hard choice!

You always know the best fandomy things! Signing up for Femme Remix, and probably Remix Me, too!!

Yay! I'm glad more people are playing at Femme Remix. The sign up page has been a little lonely these last few days.

FFA, the kinda wanky pan-fandom anon meme, always has a thread for exchanges. That's how I find out about everything now that LJ is dead.
I love LJ too! I don't want it to die. I just need a place with more regular fannish interaction, and the anon meme is surprisingly acceptable.
I like remixing!

Just for the record, since I can't do any of those challenges with my limited list of fandoms. One fandom, to be exact. :)

But I see the appeal of remixing. It's what got me writing in the first place.

Good luck for your participation!
You know, it figures that I would finally work up the courage to do Remix, have a blast doing it, and then the next year they don't run it. :( I am having bad luck with fannish things of late.

Probably going to sign up as a pinch hitter for Femme Remix, though! And maybe for treats. Thanks for pointing it out!