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Things You Can Do

Het Big Bang signups opened today, and I think they go on for two weeks. There's a 10K minibang, and also a 25K big bang. Only the 25K stories will receive art. I bravely signed up even though my het stories often get tagged as genfic by other people. I already wrote my summary/blurb thing. It's a Foggy accepts the offer at HBC, but his new job isn’t as perfect as he thought it would be. He’s got a major case of imposter syndrome, his boss is shady as hell, and his first client is a self-destructive vigilante named Jessica Jones who keeps insisting that she wants Matt Murdock on her legal team. As if all of that weren’t enough, he’s falling in love with Trish Walker, the star witness in his case. Naturally, it's cobbled together from non-kinky kink meme prompts.

FemmeRemix is accepting nominations through May 8.

Every Woman is accepting nominations now too.

Finally LGBT Fest is accepting prompts on Dreamwidth for two weeks starting from today.