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Heroine Big Bang

Does anyone know what's up with Heroine BB? There was supposed to be a mandatory check-in post on March 30, but it never went up. A few people asked about it on the page-a-mod post and never got a response. I asked the mod five days ago, and still haven't heard anything. Today I went to the mod's LJ, and there's a note in her profile saying that she's having a hard time IRL and may not be able to answer things.

I have a rough draft of my BB finished. It's currently 9500 words, and if the challenge is still happening, I'm going to figure out where I can add another 500 words so I can hit the required 10K minimum to receive art. If the challenge is cancelled, I'm going to clean up my story and post it next week.

I seriously have the worst luck with big bangs. If I finish my stories, something weird happens and the deadline changes or the mod disappears. If I don't finish my stories, the whole thing goes off without a hitch and I watch jealously as my friends get beautiful art and tons of attention.
I think that someone is considering trying to keep running it, but she doesn't know if she can - after all, it would require signing up and everything again.
I just visited the support comm, and yeah, the situation is looking pretty bleak... I guess I'll just proceed under the assumption that the challenge isn't happening anymore and post when I want to.
I think someone wants to keep it running, have you looked at the support comm? I'm signed up, but I have nothing written and may drop out at this point. Go you for the words though!!!
I just looked at the support comm for the first time - thanks for the suggestion! It looks like this challenge is pretty done, alas. I guess I'll just fix up my draft and post when I feel like it.
That's too bad -- but I do sympathize with the mod. RL can get you by the short hairs when you least expect it -- I've dropped out of two challenges and didn't even try to sign up for this year's Marvel Big Bang, because I'm beyond promises. And mods aren't immune ...

But the stories don't go away, and that's the main thing! I rescued the one from my failed "Hawkeye Bang" and it did quite well, even outside Bang Land, and I'll be finishing last year's Marvel Bang hopefully in the next couple of months.

Yeah, I hope the mod is okay. I'm not really mad at her, just a bit disappointed.

You're right, the stories don't disappear! I have ended up finishing all the stories for the various BB's I signed up for, even if I didn't make the due date. And I will find a new home for this Heroine BB story.