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MCU Fic: Wait Until Dark (Laura/Clint)

A long, long time ago, alphaflyer left a prompt at be_compromised in which the farm was not quite the well-kept secret Clint and Laura hoped it was. By now, alphaflyer has probably forgotten she even left that prompt, but hopefully the story is an enjoyable surprise!

Title: Wait Until Dark
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairings: Clint Barton/Laura Barton, Natasha Romanov, Agent Rumlow
Summary: Clint thought that Nick Fury and Natasha Romanov were the only people in SHIELD who knew about the farm. He was wrong. When a Hydra agent appears while Clint is on a mission, Laura is forced to defend her family.
Content advisory: Although no specific AO3 warnings apply to this story, it contains disturbing content including a pregnant woman being held hostage with her children and references to physical and psychological abuse in Clint and Natasha’s past. Reader discretion is advised.
Acknowledgements: Many thanks to my whole flist for helping me plot the story. I've lost the posts where I crowd-sourced self defense ideas, so I can't thank anyone individually, but the story wouldn't be here without you guys!
Word Count: 10K
Oooh! I've been (admittedly quietly) looking forward to this one ever since you first posted one of those crowd-sourcing brainstorming posts about it back ... I dunno, whenever that was! Definitely bookmarking for later and hope I find a chance to read this soon! :)
Yay! I had not forgotten -- you mentioned occasionally on your LJ that you were working on this, and I've been quietly looking forward to The Day. Love the title, and the creepy feel of the first couple of pages that I've been able to read. It'll probably be tonight before I can do it fully justice, but what's another 12 hours? :-)

So, I am not sure whether you are a person who wants to hear comments that are effectively about copy editing, but which caused me to blinkblink at the story. If no, skip down; if yes, let me get that out of the way: the daughter in Ultron is named Lila rather than Lucy (which, since you're using Laura and Cooper I assume you mean for it to be the same), and also I'm not sure why her last name would be Cooper while Laura is screaming at her to close the door.


I really love this. I love the means of Laura and Clint meeting and A WHOLE LOT the means of Natasha and Laura meeting. I love that she understands how to treat them both as people before any of the other things they might be (weapons, tools, assassins...) and that she is able to ... I guess that she is able to set boundaries with both of them. That she actually does have to set the boundaries with Clint in the same way as Natasha even if Clint never tried to steal her knives and stuff and even though the relationships she has with each of them are not the same at all. And of course, I love that the tag girl saves girl, in the context of a kidnapping fic, is about their much earlier interaction and not about Laura needing a hero to rescue her now. :D
Thanks for pointing out the issues! I did fix the typo, but Lila's name is going to have to stay Lucy for this story. I wrote it down wrong last time I watched the film, and it's a bit too much to fix it now :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the story!