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Fic formatting question

I've been working on a fic that alternates between a present-day story line in which Laura Barton has been kidnapped by an unscrupulous Hydra operative, and some flashback scenes that recount the early days of Laura's relationships with Clint and Natasha. So far, I have distinguished the past and present-day storylines by narrating one in past tense (duh) and the other in present tense. That said, I think the story is still kind of confusing.

I think the most logical thing would be to post it as a multi-chapter story, so that it's clear where each flashback starts and stops. However, it's not a super long story, so each chapter would only be about 2,500 words. Does that annoy people? Sometimes I get put off by stories that are multi-chapter, but I'm not clear if that's a widespread phenomena or just a result of my own pickiness.

Any other suggestions for how to clearly organize a story that alternates between a past time line and a present-day one?
I'm not a fan of reading multi-chapter fics chapter by chapter, because I'm a fast reader and unless they're really long chapters it throws me out of the story to have to keep pausing to move forward. But then AO3 has the feature where you can read it as one long story - problem solved! So if you're using AO3 I don't see a problem with posting as multi-chapter. If the problem is people liking to wait until the whole fic is finished, you'd be posting the complete fic at once anyway, right?

Otherwise there's posting one part in, say, italics or a different font. Leaving a large space or sime form of page break between sections. Giving each header a signfier: literally 'past' or 'present', or 'three weeks ago' or what have you. I guess all things annoy someone somewhere though *shrugs*.
Thank you for all the suggestions! In the end, I think I was overthinking it. I posted it without any special notations, and nobody seemed to have trouble following it.
Happy to help! I think as long whatever (formating) you do is consistent then it works :)
2500 word chapters don't bother me, though I'm unlikely to read the fic until it's completely posted. Alternately, a line break of some sort is usually enough of a cue for me to switch gears, especially when accompanied by an obvious narrative difference like past tense/present tense.

I really, REALLY dislike using italics/a different font for one timeline, and I generally find headers like "past"/"present" redundant; as a reader, I much prefer that the author trust me to figure things out. (And as a writer, I've found that most readers *can* be trusted to figure out something as routine as two separate timelines or a perspective shift.)
I agree -- long sections of italics just get annoying to read after awhile. I ended up posting the story without any special notations, and you were right. Readers figured it out! Thanks for the nudge in the right direction :)
Hm. I don't mind short chapters, but it might be greatly because I rarely have more than 15 minutes to sit down and read (without feeling guilty for not doing stuff) so short chapters are what I'm living off right now. If you're going to post it all at once, too, it should work fine for both those who like it or are okay with it, and those who prefer to read it all at once.

Anyway, I also think that maybe the story is not as confusing as you believe, specially if one timeline is presented in past tense and the other in present tense. I've realized over the years that I often underestimate my readers, or simply, because I've been working in the story, I'm too immersed to actually think clearly as somebody who reads it for the first time.
You're totally right - after working with the story so long (eight months!) I'd gotten a bit blind to the fact that it actually did make sense. I posted it without any special notations or chapter breaks, and it was just fine. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction :)
I've written fics like that before, I generally use regular font for part and the put the other in italics, though I suppose if you're put off by reading large chunks of italics that would be annoying? But that's what I do. I'm not really a fan of small chapters like that either, I find it a bit off-putting. It's one thing if the chapters are significant, but I'm irritated by short chapters.
I ended up just posting it all as one chunk, and it worked out okay. I guess the story was clearer than I thought!