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Choices, choices

I signed up for heroinebigbang (which I assume is still happening, even though they never posted the March 30 mandatory check-in), and I've got two stories I could use.

I could go with my plan of using the Star Wars story I just finished, but if I do that, I have to sit on a finished story for another two months. That's really, really hard for me!

On the other hand, I could finish up the story about Laura Barton that I've been working on for several months. I'm not sure how many people want to read stories about Laura, so it might find more readers if I post it to some kind of challenge. But...that will mean I can't post it till June, so it might get jossed by Cap 3.

Or I could just post both stories when I want to and drop out of Heroine Big Bang, which would mean I could escape from the agony of watching to see if an artist chooses my stories.
I signed up for two fics and I know what you mean about waiting if any artist chooses my stories. One fic is about a minor character and an unpopular ship (Officer Darwin from the new Star Trek films).

Sometimes choosing what to do is difficult.
OMG, I love Officer Darwin! If it helps I signed up as an artist for the bang and I would be totally up for picking up an Officer Darwin fic! *_* (Which ship are ww talking about though?)
OTOH, technically I also signed up as a writer and OMG I have *so* much stuff to do and fics to finish and yet somehow I find myself not doing any of that but writing a long-ass crazy time-travel fic for that super-cheesy Shadowhunters show. LOL, I can't even with my brain... *facepalm*
You've made me so happy :D The ship is Gaila/Darwin. It'll be the final part of the series about Darwin I write.

I know what you mean. I have one other fic to finish besides the hbb one and it's so dofficult to stay focused!
Oh, Gaila/Darwin, I love the idea! Actually, now I need to check that series of yours. *g* Care to drop me a link? *g*
I really hope it's still happening as I finally realized this year that you don't have to write massive stories for it, which are not my strength! I'm trying to write Rey fic, though my brain is in a million places at once so it's not very far along yet. I actually had vague intentions of doing a second fic too, like maybe about Natasha, or Clarke from The 100, but then the deadline passed me by and I'd only signed up for the one. Which is probably for the best anyway.

I've only ever done a challenge where artists choose fics once before, and of course no one wanted mine (miniscule fandom) until my friend took pity on me, so I fully understand your anxiety. :(
Ahh, sitting on finished stuff is the biggest downside of BBs for me too, and yes, the agony of artist claims. So I agree that you probably should just post them under your own steam.