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Star Trek!!

Loving Star Trek is no longer fashionable in fandom, alas! But I am still wildly excited about this and plan to devote every day after July 22 to writing STXI fic. Just so you know.

I was able to tie my love for the 2009 movie to my lifelong love of TOS; the sequel was... unexpectedly jarring in that regard, and pretty much killed my muse. But I'm hoping the new one will help me finish differentiating them enough to enjoy them equally-but-separately. :)
Loving Star Trek is no longer fashionable in fandom, alas!


::deep breath::

IT'S SO EXCITING! Sure, Into Darkness wasn't great, but I have a lot of hope for this (and the fourth one) since Simon Pegg was one of the writers and Justin Lin is a Trek fan (unlike someone). I'm going to use Camp NaNo to write big bang length fic for STXI :D
I actually liked STID, but I know I'm in the minority. It's exciting that Simon Pegg was on the writing team - I've loved every other film he's written!
It wasn't the worst Star Trek film I have ever seen, I just had a lot of issues with which everything was handled. I'm entertained enough watching it that I bought the DVD. But I think even the studio realized that JJ was no longer invested what with SW and that's why we get a fourth one yay! (maybe Edgar Wright will direct it, that'd be fun)
I've never really been into Star Trek but I did enjoy the 2009 film and this trailer looks pretty cool. I wasn't thrilled with Into Darkness but I didn't loathe it the way many people seemed to.
This looks like so much fun! I know people think it's too action-y for Star Trek, but I like it action-y.
I'm looking forward to it, anyway! I actually enjoyed the last one, so. I never got into writing fic but I certainly read tons of it, lol!
I'm very excited about this. I really, really hope I'll like it more than ST:ID. From the trailer it looks like Bones and Scotty will have more screentime, so I'll stay hopeful.
Bones deserves so much better than only a few short scenes where he says something catchy.
I will always love Star Trek. I grew up on Star Trek. I just didn't like that second movie.

And I'll always read your fic.
I just recently watched the last two Star Trek movies (again) and was wondering if we would get another one, as I have not been keeping up with fandom. Guess that answers that question. ;)
I don't understand it's lack of fashionableness these days. It's the ur-fandom to all modern fandoms! I will always love Star Trek and appreciate my fellow Trek fans.
The trailer was on before Batman vs. Superman and I squeed. I will be there with bells on and already look forward to your stories! :D