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End of the year fic meme (really, really late)

This is normally where I'd post a master list of everything I'd written, but somehow I wrote 27 stories? This is confusing, because I mostly remember 2015 as a year of being busy and having no time to write. Regardless, a master list would require way more coding that I feel like, so here's a list of my five favorite stories this year.

Marci Stahl, Avocado at Law - Marci/Foggy, Matt, Karen
Fisk's indictment is good news for everyone -- except the members of his legal team. When no one else will hire Marci, she's forced to take a job at Nelson & Murdock. To make matters worse, she's starting to develop actual feelings for her dorky, no-strings-attached friend with benefits, Foggy Nelson.

Harry Potter
Choices and Abilities - Minerva McGonagall
Depending on your point of view, Minerva McGonagall has no children, or she has hundreds of them.

How to Transform Your Life Through Reality TV - Natasha/Clint, Tony Stark
Playing truth or dare with Tony Stark is a dangerous game. Before she realizes what's happening, Natasha's drunk and auditioning for a reality cooking show with a pot of her grandmother's borscht.

Star Trek
Every Morning After the End of the World (The Disaster Recovery Remix) - Jennifer Colt, Gaila, Captain Pike, Number One
In the wake of the Narada Incident, Number One tries to prevent war from breaking out on the edge of the Neutral Zone, and Jennifer Colt tries to survive her assignment as Admiral Pike's new assistant.

Veronica Mars
Every Belt That Ever Hit Someone (Is Still Made to Hold Something Up) - Logan/Carrie, Logan/Veronica
Logan doesn't get any votes for Most Changed at the ten-year reunion, which is bullshit when you think about it. In the past ten years, everything in his life has changed. He's joined the Navy, dated a pop star, and figured out that Dick Casablancas can occasionally behave like a real human being. Only one thing hasn't changed: he's still in love with Veronica Mars. Oh, and he's suspected of murdering his girlfriend.

Looking back, did I write more fic than I thought I would this year, less, or about what I'd predicted? - Way, way more. I'm still confused about how I wrote all that.

What pairing/genre/fandom did I write that I would never have predicted in January? - Matt Murdock/Natasha Romanov. The pairing makes total sense, but it would never have occurred to me if not for azephirin.

Leitmotif of the Year: I wrote a lot about normal people thrust into extraordinary situations and trying to cope the best they can, Code Name Darcy being the best example.

Story of mine underappreciated by the universe in my opinion Eh...I never really feel like my stories are entitled to appreciation from the universe.

Most Fun Story to Write: Advice for Those of You Just Starting Your Heroic Journey because I can hear Leia's voice in my head loud and clear.

Story that shifted my own perception of the characters: Madison Sinclair, This Is Your Life (The Backwards Technicolor Remix) forced me to think about Madison Sinclair in a sympathetic way, which I didn't even know was possible.

Biggest surprise: That Advice for Those of You Just Starting Your Heroic Journey wound up with three podfics and almost 2000 hits in such a short period of time. I mean, it's only 850 words and I didn't advertise it anywhere! I guess that's what it's like to write in a big fandom again...

Did I take any writing risks this year? If so, what did I learn from them?
I wrote four fics that were over 10,000 words. I know this isn't a big deal for some people, but prior to this year, I'd only written two stories that long in my entire time in fandom. The biggest thing I learned is that it helps to write those kinds of stories in order -- no jumping around and writing the ending, then writing a random scene in the middle, then the beginning. It can be frustrating because sometimes my head races so far beyond what I've actually written that getting each scene done feels like a chore. On the other hand, it made it possible to actually finish the stories instead of just throwing up my hands at the disorganized mess in my WIP folder. What feels so risky about it is that it makes the viewership on each story feel so much more high stakes. If I write 2,000 words and nobody reads it, it's no big deal. By the time I've written 10,000 words, I'm really invested in the story and it hurts if nobody likes it. (Luckily, my longest stories have also gotten lots of hits, so I haven't had to experience that particular disappointment.)

Hardest story to write: Every Morning After the End of the World fought me for every word -- which is probably what happens when you write a story from the POV of a very minor character who appeared in only a couple scenes of one episode in a fandom you've most left behind.

Easiest story to write: Marci Stahl, Avocado At Law. I fell into this really nice rhythm of writing one day, sleeping on it one day, and then revising. Plus, Marci's voice was fun to write, so it never felt like a chore.

Most popular story of the year: By both hit count and kudos, Marci Stahl, Avocado at Law.

Best story of the year: See beginning of this post.

Truest story of the year: Choices and Abilities

Most unintentionally telling story of the year: I always have a hard time answering this question because I write from my life very intentionally. I mean, Choice and Abilities is about a sharp-tongued teacher who makes peace with infertility by viewing her students as children. I don't think anyone is shocked to know that story is about me.

Most "that's wrong, even for you" story: I feel like the answer to this question is supposed to be really kinky porn, but I don't write that, so... How to Transform Your Life Through Reality TV, because it's about Natasha Romanov going on a reality cooking show, and it's not even an AU.

Best opening lines:
Logan joins the Navy because he's always considered the word no a dare. (Every Belt That Ever Hit Someone)

Madison Sinclair dies because of the two-for-one special at Victoria's Tanning Hut. (Madison Sinclair, This Is Your Life)

If you feel a strange, inexplicable connection with a man you just met, don't kiss him. He might be your brother. (Advice for Those of You Just Starting Your Heroic Journey

Best closing lines:
She taps out a text on her burner phone: Hold on, pancakes are coming : )

It's their code for everything is fucked, but I'm coming to save you.
(Pancakes, Bacon, and Everything in Between)

Best lines from anywhere: You know, I keep a mental list of candidates all year, but here I am on my couch feeling tired and hungry, and I'm just not in the mood to go looking for them...

Do I have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year? I want to write at least five Star Wars stories, hopefully about why Leia is not a Jedi and never married Han. Maybe also about her feelings regarding Kylo Ren, but that one would be very hard to figure out...
I haven't done one either -- and like you, I didn't think I'd written ANYTHING until I just checked, and I somehow managed 15 stories (albeit NOTHING between August and December, so maybe my impression isn't unjustified).

Hat off to you for tackling so many different fandoms!
Truest story of the year: Choices and Abilities -- I just read this, and thank you so much. It's lovely and touching and honest, and it says/soothes some things I've been dealing with myself lately.
Kudos to you for taking on a variety of fandoms - I might try that this year.