B99: amy

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Fic: A Margaret Thatcher Kind of Night

This is the first of the treats I wrote for Yuletide, and it was a kind of bizarre experience. Nobody was reading it, but then someone mistakenly recced it as waters sports porn. If you know me and what kind of things I write, you know how terribly disappointed people must have been when they clicked on the story looking for that. Or maybe they weren't disappointed, because the story ended up with a fair number of recs and comments and kudos after that. Thank you mysterious kinky reccer!

Title: A Margaret Thatcher Kind of Night
Rating: Adult
Pairing: Jake/Amy
Summary: Rules for having (sober) sex with the girl of your dreams for the first time: (1) Have condoms (2) Remove random dishes from the bed (3) Don't ask awkward questions about Margaret Thatcher. Guess how many of these Jake has broken tonight?
Word count: 1800