starwars: han cross hairs

Who wants a Star Wars comment fic fest?

If I hosted a Star Wars comment fic fest, would you...

Leave prompts
Fill prompts
Read & comment on fills
Pimp it around
Something else you will tell me in the comments

Alternatively, is there already a comment fic fest somewhere that I should know about? Are those even a thing anymore?
I will try to participate, but see icon. All three of my redheaded roommates are currently screaming at each other.
I'm not in the Star Wars fandom, really, but if I find any comment fic fests, I'll let you know.
I hosted a commentfic fest on my LJ a couple of months ago and it was a success so I think people will still participate! I only watched SWTFA last night, but I think I'd definitely hang out, read the fills and maybe leave some prompts if you were to host one :)