b99: jake

Quick Yuletide Question

When you write treats for people, do you mention somewhere in the author's notes that it's a treat? I know some writers get upset if a recipient mistakes a treat for their main gift. On the other hand, I think one of my treats has become my recipient's gift, since it's December 23 and nothing else has been posted for her. If I tell her that the story I wrote is a treat, then she'll know that her original writer defaulted.

It's possible that I'm overthinking this...

In other news, I wrote two treats!

When you receive your you have a gift! email from AO3, your main story is listed first. So there's no reason, really, to label your treats.

You wrote treats! Go you! Making even more people happy!

As for your dilemma, label it to please your orderly soul, and to let your recipients know that someone chose one of their prompts who wasn't assigned in the first place, e.g., their prompts are attractive.

I usually put that it's a treat, because I never manage to keep it under 1000 words. 

I usually put it in the notes, just because? Especially considering that my main story is much longer than either of the others. But then again, I checked and both my treat recips already had stories, so I didn't have that dilemma. Do whatever you think's best. :)
I've written five treats! And I have a few more planned but we'll see if time beats me to it...!

I'm not labelling them because they're all under 1000 words so it's pretty clear. But I've previously written longer treats and not worried about labelling them as such.

I haven't written a fic as a treat myself, but I would just put that it's a treat in the notes.