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The December Meme: After Work

topaz119 asked what is the first thing I do when I get home from work.

The answer is very simple: I take off my pants. Fuck pants!

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hah, I am sitting here in my pajamas (though I did put a pot of water on to boil spaghetti before I dispensed with my own pants, but that was it.)
LOL for me, it's shoes. I hate shoes. I hate socks too but the house is too cold now for no-socks. But i have fluffy slipper socks that I like to wear around. :)
I guess technically I take off my shoes before my pants. After living in Japan for so long, the idea of wearing shoes in the house really started to gross me out.
LOL, I hear that. I love "loungey" clothes. Or as I say, "total comfort." :)