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December Posting Meme

Give me a topic to post about, and I will post about it at some point during the month of December! Fandom, RL, whatever you please. I'll post a masterlist of requested topics, but no dates - I've learned from experience that I can't keep up with those. Maybe some days I will post about three topics! Maybe some days I will post about zero topics! The only promise is that I will, eventually, post about your topic.
I'd love to hear your favorite things about Harry Potter! (the books/movies, not the character)
That's a great alternative to the date-thing!! *scrambles to copy*

And here's a question:

How do you decide whether/when to entrust someone with the existence of your fannish life? Or do you not? And if not, why not?
Best books about ladies read in the past year or two and why.
A five-woman band. Any characters from any media. Who do you choose and what do they do?
Funniest thing that has happened to you this week.

If you could have fictional characters over to share one of your famous stuffed pumpkins, who would make the cut?

Favorite drink.

Feel free to answer any or all of those! :)
for after Christmas/holidays - because we all like to brag a little - best gift you have given where you really "got" someone :)