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Jessica Jones

This post is brought to you by the intense joy I feel at finally seeing a show in which a female lead does not have to be fun, relatable, or likeable. Jessica Jones is actually kind of an asshole. She is abrasive and opportunistic, and possibly not fun to be in the same room with. There are demons in her past, and she drinks prodigiously in order to escape from them. This archetype is usually reserved for men, and we generally love them for it. Dr. House and Professor Snape come to mind. When women exhibit these same characteristics -- in fandom, and in real life -- we tend to call them an unlikable bitch and move on. But just by putting a female character like this in the lead, the writers of Jessica Jones suggest that it doesn't always have to be this way. Women can be difficult and demanding and grating, and we can still be drawn into their stories and watch them on TV.

PS: I have only watched the first three episodes, so no spoilers please.

PPS: If Netflix shows got trigger warnings, Jessica Jones would need ALL of the trigger warnings. If a bad, PTSD flashback-inducing thing can happen in life, it also happens on the show. Which is probably evident from the promo materials, so I thought I'd mention that just in case.
I have also watched the first three episodes, and I totally agree! I am loving Jessica's character, the fact that she's allowed to be abrasive and damaged. Krysten Ritter plays her very well. I'm so excited to watch the rest of this show.
I am SO looking forward to watching this!!! And I'm so happy with what I'm hearing about it. All the yay! Now I just need my internet connection fixed! Please and thank you, ISP!!

Also Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy if you like that sort of character. Meredith is a great study in the unlikable female lead that still want to root for (most of the time).
I completely agree.

I am almost done with the first season (I have like three more episodes to go before I'm finished, which I have been kind of mainlining for the last two days now), and it is absolutely wonderful. Jessica Jones is a character I fell in love immediately. I love that she has baggage, that she makes deadpan snarks, that she is rude and doesn't give a shit, but she also does give a shit at the same time with the things happening around her. Since you've just started I won't spoil you, but you'll be in for quite a ride. One fantastic ride that you won't regret.

Also, I have to say that they have handled PTSD incredibly well on this show. Seeing Jessica and her friend trying to take back their lives after being abused, albeit in different ways, is just wonderful to see.
I am so looking forward to this, if I ever get to see it. And there's a long detailed warnings post circulating on Tumblr.
I have been LOVING this show. Not just Jessica - who I'm really into - but all the varied likable and unlikable ladies in the show. I mean, there are only a handful male characters of note - most the movers and shakers are ladies.

And Jessica is the sort of heroine I love to read about - but you never seen her kind on television, not like this. Not where she gets to make bad choices and still be the heroine. I hope this show does amazing and we get so much more like it.
lol, again, I couldn't agree more :)

Jessica IS an asshole and she's not really someone I'd want to be around but I love her to bits and pieces and I'm very happy we get a show with this kind of a female lead. And as far as I can tell, it's a show that's been well-received by both fans and the media.
I'm loving it, and I agree. I'm so excited about this show! Sad I can't binge-watch too but oh well, it'll last longer!
Getting a netflix account will be my you-survived-finals present for me.

Jessica Jones is basically my queue right now. *excite*