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Fannish miscellany

The husband and I started watching The Flash on Netflix. I didn't watch it last year because I thought it was closely intertwined with The Arrow - which I don't really like - but happily that does not appear to be the case. We're only three episodes in, and I don't love the way the male characters treat Iris, but otherwise it is enjoyable. Slightly generic, maybe, like the Olive Garden of superheroes, but pleasant to watch.

I've been bookmarking Yuletide letters, though sadly few of my friends are requesting things I can write. I guess I will be writing for strangers instead. I'm looking mostly at Killyjoys requests, but I wish there were a ficlet fest or something where I could practice a bit before writing a gift for someone. (Although really, ficlet fests and I have't been working out well lately. The last "ficlet" I started was almost 5,000 words long.)

A couple questions for more seasoned Yuletide participants...

1. If I write a treat for someone, and then their regular writer drops out, my treat might become their main gift, yes? And to avoid that happening, it would be best to post treats after the default deadline has passed?

2. Is it okay to include characters who are not in the main tag set? I mean, obviously, those characters would not be the focus of my piece, but if they're necessary to the plot, they can be hanging out in the background, right?

Ugh. How is Yuletide stressing me out even though I'm not even actually participating?
*hugs* Yuletide can definitely get a bit stressful.

1) Your treat would become their main gift only if it was over 1k, complete, and posted when the regular writer defaulted. Other than waiting to post it until the very last minute there's really no way to avoid it. Though honestly, the person will still get a gift even if you weren't originally assigned - so I don't think that's a bad thing? Unless you really want them to get multiple presents, which I can totally get behind.

2) Yup! Especially if it's an ensemble cast (Like Killjoys). Just focus the story on their requested characters. If they picked "any," you've got even more freedom. I would just check the letters to make sure they don't specifically request for someone NOT to show up. Otherwise, I think you should be in good shape.

:) I'm excited for Yuletide this year. I've been so focused on original fic stuff that it's nice to get to play in fandom again and possibly (hopefully) make someone's day.
I was mostly worried because treats don't always match letters as well as gifts. If I were writing a gift for someone in an exchange, and their letter said they liked A, B, and C, then I'd try to include all three of those things in their story. If I'm writing a treat, I wouldn't feel bad about just focusing on one item they wanted. But then that might not be an ideal "main gift," if that makes any sense. It sounds like the best thing is just to wait until the last minute to post treats.
It gets better re.: Iris, though the shortage of female characters is one of the few things that bother me about the show. I'm ignoring the Olive Garden comparison because I love the Flash (the character, I mean). :)
I'm glad it gets better for her. It really bugged me that Joe's first request was not to tell her. I mean, what is that even supposed to protect her from? Clearly, she's old enough to make her own decisions. And then it bugged me that she felt like she had to hide her relationship with Eddie from her dad. I can see how dating your father's partner could be awkward, but the way it was handled made it seem like her dad just considered her a piece of property.
Ahaha, I know how that goes with ficlets. XD Especially prompt fests, those are indeed evil.

And as for adding other characters; if they're not specifically nixed in the additional details/letter, then I'D say there's nothing wrong with giving them minor roles.
Oh good! It sounded hard to write around some major characters who just happened not to be in the tag set. Thanks!
Slightly generic, maybe, like the Olive Garden of superheroes, but pleasant to watch.

That's a good way to describe them XD
Ooh, I've got The Flash on my Netflix queue as well! I only got through about 5 episodes of Arrow before giving up, but I've heard good things about The Flash and that it's lighter and doesn't take itself as seriously, which would be kind of nice, I think. I'm looking forward to watching it now that it's available for streaming, but I haven't had any time to watch tv by myself lately. I watch with my husband, but we have specific shows that we watch together. (Right now we're watching Deep Space 9, Doctor Who (the new one), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and the occasional John Oliver.) And lately when I do get a bit of downtime to myself, I've been writing/reading fanfic, so my shows have been taking a backseat. I saw that B99 started back up, too. I am looking forward to more of that! I like having short comedies like that to watch, because I often don't have time/energy for a full episode. And sometimes I could really use a laugh!

Good luck with Yuletide. I've always been far too intimidated to jump in that pool. I like your strategy of focusing on treats. Less pressure on many fronts.
Yeah, I was the same with the Arrow. I just don't need that level of dark and brooding in my entertainment.

I love this season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I've actually watched most of the episodes twice now.

You could always write some Yuletide treats too! There are some Brooklyn Nine-Nine requests that could be fun to play with. I think giving treats is so much easier than writing gifts. People are just excited to get a random bonus gift, so I don't feel the same pressure to write the *perfect* story for them.