vmars: dick

VMars Fic: Til Dick Do Us Part

Title: Til Dick Do Us Part
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairings: Dick Casablancas, Logan/Veronica
Summary: "Don't let it weird you out that Logan and I are married," Dick says. "It's just a convenience thing, and I won't stand in your way."
Word Count: 2500
Notes: Written for katmarajade's birthday, which was ages ago, but I forgot to post it here...

In other news, LJ has begun informing me that I am #132 in somthing called 'top journal rankings.' I don't know what this is, and I have zero emotional attachment to an imaginary LJ rank, but the site is in worse shape than I thought if I'm the 132nd most popular site in all of LJ land.
♥ I love this story!

I do not understand their oddball ranking system either.
I think their ranking system differs between cyrillic and other users but yeah, their popularity has really tanked.